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An Example of Mobile Best Practices by Top brands

Posted by Tony Quin on February 24th, 2011 at 8:16 pm

All mobile is not created equal as this best practice analysis of top brand work, by IQ's Jenifer Vandagriff, reveals.

I did a quick study to see what the brands people most love are doing in the mobile space and which were using one best practice for mobile design - the auto scroll for Mobile Safari. Why is this a best practice? Well, for iPhones, the address bar consumes about 12.5% of pixel screen real estate by default when a page is loaded. The status bar and button bar consume an additional 13.34% of screen real estate. This leaves users with less then 75% of the screen for viewing content. The obvious answer: you want to maximize every available pixel when your page loads by buying back the space taken up by the address bar.
Process and results after the break...


Using a list of MyBrandz rank of the top 50 most loved brands from 2010, I conducted the following procedure for each brand:

Using the Safari browser, conducted a Google search
Selected the brand from the Google search results page
Waited for complete page load before capturing a screenshot and conducting analysis
Determined if result was a mobile specific site
Observed if an automatic scroll on the Safari browser... Read more