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Growth by Acquisition: Best Practices

Posted by Devanshi Garg on July 1st, 2013 at 6:07 am

Whenever someone hears about mergers or growth by acquisition, the first thing to pop up in their mind is conglomerates buying out smaller companies.  Large companies often acquire smaller companies.  But the truth is that acquiring a comparable business to empower your company, is not just for the largest corporations out there.  Strictly speaking, as a means of obtaining growth, acquisition is a viable way to grow market share, obtain new resources and expand business reach.
With the advantages acquisitions do provide, there are some challenges specifically in regards to technology inheritance that should be addressed.
Although growth through acquisition and mergers can hold great potential for some companies, it is important to acknowledge the challenges.  A well-defined transition strategy is vital for a smooth merger.  Eliminating redundancies in labor, integrating technological infrastructure and adapting to the rapid growth are key areas to focus on.  Hiring new employees, renting new office space and all the other house-keeping issues associated with acquiring a company takes time and must also be dealt with.
Specifically in relations to IT systems integration, it is likely to prove the most complicated yet important aspect of merging a company.  It is rare for an acquired company to possess the same CRM... Read more

13 Ad Predictions for 2013

Posted by Hooman Radfar on December 28th, 2012 at 9:25 am

1. Cross-channel is the new Gangnam Style
Cross-channel is every marketers dream. Now we’re almost there. From mobile ad networks to RTB technology in display, the building blocks are there for companies to roll up and deliver truly great cross-platform (mobile, display, search, social, etc) marketing solutions. Mobile players will get into video, display players will buy mobile, IP video targeting tech will be used on TV and so on. The proverbial last-mile is TV. That final battle will set the stage for the war to win cross-channel advertising.
2. AdTech Rings the Bell
2013 will ring in with another big AdTech company going public - most likely Turn. The outcome of this IPO will influence the strategies of other leaders in display - companies like MediaMath, MediaOcean and Collective - on the follow-up. The battle for the ‘not-Google’ slot will heat up as traditional video and radio spend shifts online - fast.
3. Big Bucks for AdTech Leaders
RocketFuel started the wave of big funding at big valuations in the late stage AdTech market this year. While some prepare for the big show, others will be amassing war chests for the battle ahead. AppNexus will likely lead the pack on this front as they... Read more