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Forget mediasnacking: make a meal of online video

Posted by Brad Berens on November 26th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Earlier this week Sony's Crackle.com announced a new season of original-to-online video content, includng a new series called "The Hustler" starring Mark Feuerstein-- one of those "oh yeat THAT guy" actors who you have seen in a million things but can never quite place.
Over at TV Week, Daisy Whitney reports that, "Crackle carries original Web shows and releases them in four 13-week schedules each year, with new episodes debuting on the same day each week to build a regular audience."
But the key sentence -- and the mistake that Crackle, Hulu and every other original video creator keep making -- from the Variety piece is, "Each webisode will run three to five minutes."
Somewhere, somehow, the media industry decided to accept as fact the conventional wisdom that mediasnacking is where it's at.  Crazy kids today, such wisdom goes, have the attention span of a guinea pig on crystal meth, and that to these A.D.D. viewers a three minute video is the equivalent of a marathon session of all three extended DVDs of "The Lord of the Rings."
I disagree.  We know from gaming, virtual worlds, online community, instant messenger sessions and many other data points that... Read more