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Five Steps to Social SEO – Manage Your Content

Posted by Lee Schneider on March 5th, 2013 at 9:38 am

This is a multi-part series written by Lee Schneider about how to be found online using social SEO.
Step One - Optimize Your Site
Step Two - Find Your Tribe
Step Three - Find Your Media
Step Four - Making Your Connections
Step Five - Manage Your Content

Planning an Online Display Ad Campaign

Posted by Leslie Van Zee on November 1st, 2012 at 10:00 am

Getting the right information is the start of any successful media planning strategy. Keen eyes and a subtle touch are needed to ensure success for online display advertising.

To Tame Digital Chaos, Chart Your Digital Ecosystem

Posted by Shaun Quigley on June 19th, 2012 at 4:53 am

Now, more than ever, brand storytelling is driven by digital media.
But the digital landscape is chaotic. It’s a highly fragmented universe that includes online video, display, search, mobile apps, social commerce, interactive TV, gaming and more. These new channels have disrupted the traditional path to purchase… but they’ve also created new opportunities to connect. Consumers today are always connected via mobile devices — at home, on-the-go, and in shopping environments.
But with so many moving pieces, how do you keep your brand’s digital mix straight in your head? Has your boss ever asked what your brand was doing in digital? Imagine the horror of having to explain such complexity!

To simplify that explanation, create a digital ecosystem.
What is a digital ecosystem?
Simply stated, an ecosystem is a set of relationships. A digital ecosystem visually clarifies how your mix of digital channels works together relative to your consumer’s journey.
A digital ecosystem is categorized by drivers, hubs and outcomes. It connects all the content experiences that your brand delivers and shows how your consumer gets from one place to another. Most importantly, a digital ecosystem highlights an end game for each digital investment.
Download the Digital Ecosystem Planning Template

Start with business goals, KPIs and... Read more

Beyond the Box: The Metamorphosis of Television

Posted by Denise K. Myers on January 31st, 2012 at 10:49 am

- Co-authored with Jacqueline Johnson, assistant media planner/buyer
TV Everywhere could be a big moneymaker for advertisers and networks. Viewers now have the option of watching their favorite shows on TV at home, on their laptop or even on their mobile device at no additional cost, which will change the way TV is purchased from a media standpoint.
Gone are the days when the family would gather in the family room to watch their favorite primetime TV shows. The VCR dabbled in changing this habit, but the DVR completely mastered this concept. Now viewers have the option of watching their favorite shows on TV at home, on their laptop or even on their mobile device at no additional cost. This concept is known as TV Everywhere.
The growing demand for TV Everywhere has transitioned TV from a platform device to an experience, which is beneficial to both the viewers and advertisers.  With TV Everywhere, cable operators are allowing mobile access to customers who pay for TV service, improving customer satisfaction and creating new revenue opportunities. And one of the main perks is that unlike DVR, consumers do not have to plan ahead to use it.
TV Everywhere could be a big moneymaker in the... Read more

From Endcaps to eBay: How Shopper Marketing is Evolving

Posted by Brian Quinn on May 3rd, 2011 at 8:21 am

With shoppers’ media consumption shifting from traditional to digital channels, it’s surprising that media buys still aren’t following this shift as closely as they should. While 28% of consumers’ media consumption is online, only 13% of media spend is online (source: Morgan Stanley).
Smart marketers recognize that the strategy is simple: Follow the consumer. With 81% of shoppers conducting research online (source: Booz & Co.) before going to the store (typically spending an hour or more researching), digital really needs to be a cornerstone of, and not just an add-on to, media plans. Digital shopper engagement is now core to a brand’s success.
There are several techniques companies use to complement their in-store promotions and endcap displays, including advertising directly on a retailer’s website. Unlike the “pay and spray” ad network approach, the new approach – referred to as “digital retail media” or “digital shopper marketing” – enables advertisers to target consumers on retail sites while they are in a very distinct shopping mindset. With retail sites now trumping search engines as the starting point for researching product purchases (source: Compete), it only makes sense to have your brand message right there, loud and clear in the online store – just as... Read more