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Broadening your Appeal

Posted by Benjamin Taylor on January 28th, 2016 at 2:22 pm

In your average e-commerce scenario, an enterprising entrepreneur will pick a small niche of in-demand products that they understand, pop a website out of the ground, and hope that somebody shows up. Now, all the SEO and web development issues aside, successful entry into a market like that isn't easy.
Even if you can find the people who already want your product, put up a few testimonials and reviews, and start making sales, that's really not taking things to the next level, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we are here to do!
Think about the wider application of your product. Not specifically in terms of who is buying your product, but the deeper sense of your product's purpose.
One of my e-commerce shops is a cuckoo clock retailer. We have a lot of useful content on the website, all about antique clock maintenance, horology, and clock design, both modern and antique. Our most popular post, by far, has not been on any of those topics however, it was an infographic about rustic living room decor. Why do you think that was? Marketing can't just be about one aspect of your product. There are a thousand different ways to think about... Read more

2015 in Review: A Social Media Benchmark & Content Summary for the Energy Drink Industry

Posted by Doug Schumacher on January 27th, 2016 at 9:54 am

In this report we look at the fan counts, posting habits, engagement levels, and content themes of the top energy drink brands in the US for 2015. We’ll analyze 5 category leaders: Red Bull, Monster Energy, Rockstar Energy Drink, Burn Energy and 5-Hour Energy.

Facebook is the largest network with 75% of the average fan count across all networks.
Instagram posted a growth rate of just over 90%. By comparison, the nearest network for growth rate was Pinterest at about 40%.
Twitter had the highest posting volume for 2015, with an average of 1,243 per brand. Red Bull alone had 2,755 posts. The Facebook posting average was 865, with Red Bull posting nearly triple that.

10 Digital Age Coke Taglines—From The Distant Past

Posted by Rick Mathieson on January 24th, 2016 at 2:46 pm

A sip down memory lane reveals past may be prologue for this venerable brand.

Marketing & 'The Internet of Things': Radio Q&A with Author Rick Mathieson

Posted by Rick Mathieson on January 22nd, 2016 at 11:37 am

Is 2016 the year marketing and the Internet of Things finally enter a meaningful new phase?
Don't bet on it. But there are some promising signs.
In the days since CES, much has been made of the emergence of new ecosystems enabled by so-called "smart products"—connected devices that deliver information or can be controlled using your mobile phone.
Fitness apparel brand Under Armour was one entrant that generated a lot of attention during the show for its new Gemini 2 running shoes, which can track run duration, distance and more—without the need for syncing with a mobile device.
It's just the latest in innovative smart products UA has been rolling out, including a heart-rate monitor, new headphones and apps that, as Engadget reports today, the company hopes to use as the foundation for an interconnected ecosystem.
Indeed, while Engadget indicates these products still have a ways to go, they still point toward fitness apparel that doesn't just keep you comfortable, but also delivers useful services to you automatically and seamlessly, behind the scenes, to help you attain your goals.
From Data Collection to Data Utility
Last week, Social Times cited a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit that finds 51% of marketing executives... Read more