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The Click Means Nothing

Posted by Rob Gatto on May 28th, 2013 at 2:33 pm

In a marketer’s world today, click through rate (CTR) is one of most commonly used metrics to determine the success of an ad campaign. The dirty little secret though, is that the click means nothing. As recent as this month on Facebook’s Q1 Quarterly Earnings call, CMO Sheryl Sandberg commented on the need to look beyond clicks. "Our focus for Atlas is on impression-based ads. Historically, a lot of online ads have been based on the last click. As people have begun to look more holistically at all the ad spending they're doing, what they find is that it's all the impressions that lead up to the last click that matter.”
Savvy marketers are realizing that to get “real” results of their ad campaigns, they must identify other KPI’s that matter depending on their campaign goals – brand awareness, retargeting, direct response sales or website traffic. The standard for measurement has changed so dramatically now that marketers are able to leverage insights from all of their data, they have come to realize that all campaigns must be tied to the right KPI.
This concept requires marketers to look at the quality of the “measurement” they are doing, looking across the entire sales... Read more

Why Universal Device Recognition is Critical for Marketers

Posted by James Lamberti on May 22nd, 2013 at 12:00 pm

The mobile explosion means marketers can now reach consumers online, no matter what device they’re using. This makes universal device recognition critical for marketers looking to deliver relevant messages to consumers online.
AdTruth, the global leader in securing digital relationships, is teaming up with Adform, a provider of digital media trading technology and campaign management solutions, for a live webinar on May 30th to discuss how the entire online advertising ecosystem can benefit from improving audience recognition across desktop and mobile.
The two companies will delve into how Adform is using AdTruth’s universal device recognition technology to reach both desktop and mobile audiences efficiently and at scale.
During this session, attendees will benefit from:

Discussing the principles of universality: The ability to work on all device types and in all use cases
Programmatic-level performance: The ability to support billions of impressions at millisecond speeds
Privacy-by-design: The approach that is at the core of device recognition technology empowering marketers and agencies to execute online campaigns while respecting consumer privacy and choice

Attendees will learn from Adform on how they’re utilizing AdTruth’s device recognition technology to support its platform’s desktop and mobile real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities to increase campaign reach and audience engagement.
Join the conversation May 30th, 2013 at 6... Read more

Get-To-The-Point Branding

Posted by Nanda Sibol on January 28th, 2013 at 1:09 pm

Consumers today are literally bombarded with brand messages on multiple media platforms and devices at home, on the go, in stores and on the shelf.  It is overwhelming for consumers to make sense of it all and sift through the clutter and noise to get to what is important to them. Consumers today have little time to read printed copy or listen to and watch an ad; instead they are scanning the surface or skimming to get a quick read on what a brand or product is about.
New brands are acknowledging this shift in consumer behavior, and, in order to build quick awareness, they are encapsulating their key message—either the functional product benefit, point of difference, or positioning—into their brand name. Take for instance the brand “Eat Well Enjoy Life” that conveys the functional and emotional benefit in its name. In these instances, the brand name becomes the brand sound bite. We’ve seen several examples in food and pharmaceuticals where brands are developing their distinct sound bites to build affinity and awareness in seconds.
Thomas Keller of French Laundry fame has created a new 100% gluten-free flour. Leveraging the standard cooking instruction, “cup for cup”, and distilling it further by using... Read more

Who is Today’s Social Gamer? Maybe Not Who You Think…

Posted by Julie Shumaker on November 2nd, 2011 at 5:52 am

Our team at RockYou® recently released the results of the study we commissioned on social gaming behavior, conducted by leading market research firm Interpret.  Our goal was to provide actionable insights for advertisers, marketers, and developers in the social game space. By exploring the attitudes, behaviors, motivations, psychographics, and purchase intent among social gamers in the US, we are able to glean valuable information about the audience in this rapidly evolving space. We found many of the results surprising, and we think you will too.
First, we found that social gamers are highly receptive to in-game ads, especially when offered real-world rewards or virtual currency in exchange. 42% of social gamers say they would be more motivated to play a social game that offered real world rewards (eg: a coupon or gift card); 55% of players would rather earn virtual currency than purchase it with real money; and 24% of players report they have clicked on an ad in a social game and made an online purchase. Ads placed within games are indeed very effective, particularly when they are paired with incentives that players appreciate, like real world rewards.
Second, the study found that social gamers are avid consumers and are valuable customers in... Read more

What has happened to Relationships?

Posted by Dean Vegliante on November 30th, 2010 at 10:24 pm

Article Highlights

Are the efficiencies in the digital marketplace killing relationships? 
With all great products and services, there is always a human element.
Can a focus on efficiency still motivate publishers to produce quality content?
Personal relationships are still crucial to business in the digital marketplace.

A few months back at a conference, I heard something that was extremely relevant to an ongoing fear I have in respect to good old fashion business principles; “While efficiency is important, it’s not the only indicator for success, and sometimes, there are downsides to efficiency.  As an example, McDonald’s makes hamburgers more efficiently than anyone on the planet, but if you eat too many of them, they will kill you.”  
Are the efficiencies in the digital marketplace killing relationships?  Having spent the last 12 years in digital, my core focus was -- and still is -- around relationships. Whether it is building businesses, selling, deal making, networking or providing referrals to help  fill  roles for myself or friends in the industry, it all comes down to the relationships we build and maintain. 
What happened to face to face meetings, handshakes, professional entertaining and picking up the phone? Does the person ultimately writing the big media checks still get to call... Read more