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Touchscreen Print Ad Offers Instant Car Insurance Quotes (Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on February 24th, 2013 at 1:23 pm

What are the Geico lizard or old Mayhem going to make of this?
More importantly, what might they do with it?
An insurance company called RSA in the Middle East has created an interactive print ad that enables readers to ask for a quote, no mobile phone or other consumer device required, though the quote comes back via the reader's mobile phone (which obviously provides the brand with contact information it could use for follow up communications).
As PSFK points out, the ad, developed by OgilvyOne, is targeted to prospective customers in Dubai, and supports the brand's "Easy as Ever" promise.
Sure it's early days in this kind of thing - a first step toward some of the interactive print concepts we saw in 'Minority Report' a decade ago - and it will need to be enhanced before it gets truly compelling.
But here, the medium is quite literally the message - an innovative "wow" moment that directly delivers on the brand's positioning.
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The iPad

Posted by Malcolm Bird on May 10th, 2010 at 12:00 am

All hail the iPad! Anyone slamming the iPad better wake up and smell the coffee it's brewing (iPad version 4.0 coming in 2013…). Nearly one out of every three hundred Americans now owns one of these snazzy multimedia content delivery toys, and while I'm not saying you have to think the iPad is the second coming, it does irk me when I read of people complaining that the iPad doesn't replace their laptop. It's not meant to!
We all know it looks beautiful, but what Apple product doesn't? The thing about the iPad is that it's a game changer. Yesterday I watched Jamie Oliver's new ABC show on the iPad's ABC player, and it was AMAZING!  The stream had seamless ad insertion, spectacular quality, and the screen size wasn't a drawback. Whilst watching the show on the iPad, my friend e-mailed me (from the iPad) to say that he was watching a stream on the iPad, while flying to London.  The device opens up the content consumer world.  When my 3G iPad arrived I must admit I had real hesitation over AT&T.  We have all witnessed either first hand or from friends the somewhat "patchy" 3G reception and loading speeds, but so... Read more

Tackling New Initiatives

Posted by Michael Sprouse on January 20th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Some may say now is the worst possible time for businesses to tackle new initiatives, particularly ones that do not immediately reap monetary benefits or generate recognition and accolades from industry peers. With the economy still struggling, and business hard to come by for every media company, it is difficult for many to foresee any value to taking on new projects that do not immediately drive visible results.  
As CMO of Epic Advertising, a global online performance marketing company, I tasked myself and Epic's stellar marketing staff with seeing past this challenge in early 2009, to develop our own custom media content that would do more than simply act as an additional advertising venue for Epic. My goal was to inform and educate the online marketing and advertising communities with relevant and compelling information they would find useful. So, I created a custom business and innovation magazine called Winning the Web to provide these communities with insight about best practices and innovative thinking for successful online—and offline—business ventures.
The goal of any company that decides to create its own custom media content (magazine, industry blog, videos, etc.) should be to help others first. A custom media content program for your... Read more

Examining Esquire's augmented reality issue

Posted by Rich Cherecwich on November 20th, 2009 at 12:00 am

The general consensus in the publishing world is that print is dying, so it comes as something of a surprise when a venerable publication boldly experiments with emerging technology. The periodical I'm speaking of is Esquire, which has entitled its December issue "The Augmented Reality Issue."
The cover features a smug Robert Downey Jr. sitting on a box containing an augmented reality symbol. After readers download the requisite software from Esquire's website, they can hold the cover up to their webcams and interact with a hologram version of Downey, who offers a brief explanation of the technology.
Of note in the issue is the two-page ad spread from Lexus, which is only distinguishable by the small logo in the bottom corner of one page. The ad features a huge augmented reality symbol that takes up nearly half the page. When held up to a webcam, it triggers an on-screen interactive Lexus ad, naturally.
This isn't the first time Esquire has incorporated emerging technology into its print publication. The cover of the magazine's January issue utilized video in a select number of copies. And while the technological bells and whistles may look cool, it still begs the question -- what's the... Read more

Creativing :: The first Augmented Reality app for the iPhone in US, multi-perspective storytelling on HBO, and a font that wants to lick you

Posted by Doug Schumacher on September 25th, 2009 at 12:00 am

My weekly update of what's going on in new media marketing, pulled from social bookmarking site Creativing.com:
Yelp Brings First US Augmented Reality App to iPhone Store
Crazy good, if you have an iPhone with GPS. IMO, the most impressive thing I've seen on the iPhone yet. If you don't have an iPhone, the vid at the bottom takes you through the experience, which for me included the 9 times shaking the iPhone before "Monocle", the AR app, kicked in. Well worth it, though.
Mobile Marketing: Brands Can Build a Successful App Strategy
With the Yelp AR as inspiration for mobile apps, here's a good overview on what that can entail. While apps have been over-hyped — at least from a revenue standpoint — they can still be great solutions for brands, when done right. I think the right perspective is to view them not as a big idea by themselves, but as part of an overall, cohesive brand strategy.
BarTab – Facebook gifting hits the bars
Facebook's first move to take their gifting and e-com platform off the web and into, in this case, a bar. There's a bit of a 'why hasn't this been done before' factor for me, which is a good... Read more