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How Machines are Changing the Role of the Marketer…in a Good Way

Posted by Glenn Pingul on May 30th, 2014 at 1:52 pm

There seem to be some misconceptions among marketers in terms of how the "rise of machines" will impact our role, and ultimately, our jobs. There's no denying that it can be intimidating to have someone – or something – come in and do your job potentially faster, smarter, and easier than you. But when marketers actually embrace the power of machines to scale to the masses what they do best, a complete transformation takes place.
Before I married my wife, I thought I was a pretty good cook. Not a chef worthy of any awards but I could get the job done. Gather a few ingredients, toss them in the saucepan, and voila – I had an edible meal. My wife put up with my lack luster attempts for a few years, but then one day she declared that while I’m good at getting the job done, she’s clearly superior when it comes to the creative art of cooking. Yes, her food had always been amazing but in my opinion it required way too much effort! So in an attempt to appease my loving wife, I grudgingly accepted my role as the sous-chef – shopping, chopping and steaming – all... Read more

Finding the diamonds in the rough: what you need to advance your marketing

Posted by Glenn Pingul on December 4th, 2012 at 7:56 am

Are you a log splitter or a diamond cutter?
In my last post I discussed how marketers are changing their methodology for driving more effective campaigns by expanding their testing from A versus B to A to Z. In that same post, I cited the power of machine learning to test in-numerous combinations to determine the winners.
Some people took the post to say, “Great. Now with machine learning I can find the best offer not from a simple bake off but against any number of offers. I’ll take the best one out of an A to Z test (which will clearly be better than what I’d get from a simple A/B test) and scale that one, say offer T, to EVERYONE, right?!”
Wrong. That’s like taking a highly trained gem cutter and replacing their facet cutting machine with an ax to cut a rough diamond.  Imagine the amount of waste of that precious mineral. Customers need to be thought of in a similar way; like precious metal versus a piece of wood.
Woodcutters don’t care how they treat each log. Each one is cut indiscriminately with the goal of building a big pile of fire word and getting a good work out. Traditional... Read more