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Finding the diamonds in the rough: what you need to advance your marketing

Posted by Glenn Pingul on December 4th, 2012 at 7:56 am

Are you a log splitter or a diamond cutter?
In my last post I discussed how marketers are changing their methodology for driving more effective campaigns by expanding their testing from A versus B to A to Z. In that same post, I cited the power of machine learning to test in-numerous combinations to determine the winners.
Some people took the post to say, “Great. Now with machine learning I can find the best offer not from a simple bake off but against any number of offers. I’ll take the best one out of an A to Z test (which will clearly be better than what I’d get from a simple A/B test) and scale that one, say offer T, to EVERYONE, right?!”
Wrong. That’s like taking a highly trained gem cutter and replacing their facet cutting machine with an ax to cut a rough diamond.  Imagine the amount of waste of that precious mineral. Customers need to be thought of in a similar way; like precious metal versus a piece of wood.
Woodcutters don’t care how they treat each log. Each one is cut indiscriminately with the goal of building a big pile of fire word and getting a good work out. Traditional... Read more