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Mobile Ads Require Location Analytics

Posted by David Shim on September 22nd, 2012 at 10:32 am

Analyzing user data is standard practice for pretty much every website out there — large or small, consumer or B2B.  In April 2012, Google announced that over 10m sites were using Google Analytics, and many more are using enterprise-focused solutions like Omniture, Coremetrics, and WebTrends.
The scale of adoption in web analytics highlights the direct benefits businesses see in measuring site activity — including key metrics like visitors, visits and page views, traffic source metrics like keywords and referring sites, as well as optimization metrics like conversion rates. And as companies have introduced services around mobile analytics, they’ve tried to create similar context for mobile measurement.
But while using similar metrics across web and mobile may feel more familiar for many businesses, it also discounts what makes mobile unique: location. Location data on the web is coarse, and limited to dimensions like country, state, and city — location analytics for mobile is different, in that it allows for a level of precision down to meters, and context down to place.
Inventory Availability Based on Location
Mobile location data, if used appropriately (and in connection with mobile analytics), can help drive revenue for both the publisher and the marketer by enabling mobile inventory to be sold against more granular, premium... Read more

JiWire Launches "The Location Graph" – Delivers Real Time Geo-Centric Audience Targeting

Posted by Dan Wittmers on September 6th, 2012 at 8:00 am

By: Dan Wittmers
Location, location, location! We’ve all heard or used this phrase in a multitude of fashions over the years, but the mobile platform has taken this to an entirely new level. Location is one of the key differentiators that separates mobile from any other medium available to marketers today. Often being dubbed, "The Holy Grail" of marketing, location data provides marketers the best possible chance to serve a consumer the right message at the right time.
In recent months, the conversation surrounding location for mobile marketing and advertising has been abundant, yet fairly unchanged. Innovators are still searching for new ways to increase the sharing of this data by consumers, as well as, testing new ways to utilize the data already being generated.
Many mobile ad networks tout geo-fencing or hyper-local targeting capabilities, but few have the ability to execute with a high degree of success. There are, however, a few companies that have taken location to new depths. For example, Jumptap recently announced a partnership with PlaceIQ to deliver hyper-local ads for a retail client of Hill Holiday.  Paran Johar, CMO at Jumptap, was quoted as saying,
“Our exclusive relationship with PlaceIQ goes beyond standard geo-fencing to offer hyper-local audience targeting... Read more