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Dude Where's My ROI ?

Posted by Katya Constantine on July 16th, 2015 at 1:31 pm

Startups and small brands who’ve been seeing their results decline on Facebook are finding untapped opportunities on Pinterest, Linkedin and Amazon

So, you are a startup or an up-and-coming brand that has been having a lot of success doing user acquisition on Facebook. You’ve been doing everything right, balancing out your Facebook spend with Google Display, being smart about retargeting, even taking your vitamins.
And then, suddenly, in the past few months – your customer acquisition cost just hit a wall – or actually actively started getting worse. What happened? A couple of things:
– Total spend on Facebook went up as it made it much easier for advertisers to buy
– At the same time, your audience moved – not literally, of course, but its attention did. It still logs on Facebook every day, searches on Google, reads its email. But its attention has moved on – to places with much higher engagement. And with that attention – so have the newest ad formats that successfully leverage that engagement.
– And now you suddenly see higher demand for an increasingly diluted attention base – hence, higher prices with ROI still getting worse
What can you do?

If you have a million bucks, you can try going back... Read more

Startup Marketing Conference: 7 Keys for Creating Awesome Content that Converts

Posted by Kent Lewis on October 23rd, 2014 at 12:32 pm

In the third session of the day at Startup Marketing Conference in San Francisco, Jason Miller, Senior Marketing Manager of Content Marketing & Social at Linkedin and Megan Leap, Principal at LEAP, covered content marketing. Miller opened with a plea to startups to being their content marketing now. He cited Geoffrey James’ three elements of content: 1. On-Demand 2. Solution and 3. Transcendent Empathy as a framework for content development.
Miller then introduced the concept of The Rock: a big piece of important content. I started to lose him here, as Miller talks faster than the FEDEX guy. He then compared content to a big turkey and how it can be repurposed in a variety of ways (dinner, lunch sandwiches and maybe a salad). His example was The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and how he and his team repurposed the content they created in a variety of form factors. His Bat out of Hell marketing approach to content marketing means hit them where they live and keep hitting them until they break.
Results were shared by Miller, focusing on which channels worked best. Promotional channels included email, blog, InMail, company page, SlideShare, social platforms, etc. His slices of the turkey (elements... Read more

Legolas, Get the LinkedIn Map

Posted by Tara Meehan on February 26th, 2014 at 9:33 am

Imagine you are Legolas, an Elf of the Woodland Realm, and you have just watched a close friend, Gandalf the Grey, fall into the cavernous depths. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately depending on your mindset, you manage to escape physically unscathed. Now, imagine that buddy of yours is a LinkedIn connection and that aforementioned mountainous black hole is your untapped social network. You have no idea what it contains or how deep it goes. All you know is that it has no clear beginning and no definitive end. You are, for the sake of this exercise, Legolas without the map. Your cool arrows will do you no good without a place to point and shoot. But don’t panic Orlando Bloom, there is hope. Your network need not be your personal Mordor. Legolas, get the LinkedIn map!
Though LinkedIn Maps has been a feature of the social network for several years, many users are still unaware that they have a map. Not only do all LinkedIners have one, it is a tremendous Jackson Pollack-esque visualization of your ever expanding natural market. If Legolas were on LinkedIn, I’d imagine he would have many arrow makers, dwarfs, and Cate Blanchett in his network. That would... Read more

Making the Most Out of LinkedIn

Posted by Emily Weeks on February 11th, 2014 at 9:55 am

Do you have a LinkedIn account? If the answer is yes, continue on. If no, stop what you’re doing (presumably reading this blog post), and take 5 minutes to create an account – trust me – you’ll thank me in the future.
Now, safely assuming everyone reading this has a LinkedIn account, the question remains: “How can I make the most out of my time on it?” It doesn’t have the entertainment appeal of Facebook or Twitter, it doesn’t have the visual appeal of Instagram or Pinterest. Truth be told, it might not be the social media site you spend hours a day on. But that being said, the value you get out of 30 minutes on LinkedIn may be far greater than the 2 hours you spend mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed.
One of the downfalls of LinkedIn is its connotation—people often think of it as just an online resume – but it’s much, much more than that. While it does serve this purpose, it also functions as an online networking portal, a news source, and a search engine for individuals, companies and even jobs themselves. After all, it is the world’s largest professional network. Did you know LinkedIn is... Read more

Confessions of a LinkedIn Connections Hoarder

Posted by Tara Meehan on July 11th, 2013 at 4:22 pm

I was recently watching a Hoarders marathon with a shameless degree of righteous indignation. There is something oddly comforting in seeing someone struggle with whether or not to throw away a laundry receipt from 1974. After running the DVR well dry, I took my better than an elderly woman with an extreme doll collection attitude to LinkedIn. I felt so great about myself, so superior – until it hit me. I was actually no better than that hoarding granny. I was a connections hoarder.
Though it’s not a disease categorized by the American Psychological Association, LinkedIn Connections Hoarding (LCH) is a growing epidemic within social media circles. As it turns, I am not immune. What are the signs that you may have LCH?

Increased Signs of 1st Degree Non-Recognition – This occurs when you sift through your connections and realize you have never seen or heard of many of them
Swelling of the Contacts Count – Symptoms include having too many connections to effectively and personally engage with and cold sweats caused by having way more than 500+ connections and not knowing exactly what to do with them
Lingering Soreness and Irritation – This is often attributed to seeing hiring managers and bosses who... Read more