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When Did You Last Map the Buying Process of Your Customers?

Posted by Tony Zambito on August 5th, 2012 at 10:19 am

Are the buying process maps of how your customers buy out of date? If so, this can impact the success of how and where you allocate resources:

How do we generate more leads?
How do we acquire more customers?
How do we message to our customers?
How do we improve our brand?

A tool to focus your limited resources in the highest impact area(s) is to map the customer’s buying process to identify gaps.
Are You Behind the Curve of Buyer Evolution?
Recent surveys, such as the one conducted by CEB’s Sales Executive Council in 2011, show that more than 50-60% of the buying process is being conducted without the help of a sales representative. It’s a fact that buyers have radically changed their buying behavior. This must be tied to execution changes in both marketing and sales. The rise of demand generation, inbound marketing, and content marketing have been marketing responses to connect with a new informed buyer. You can learn more about what research has revealed on rapidly changing buying behaviors and how your peers are allocating resources here.
Have We Considered These Recent Developments?

Is the buying process changing at a more rapid pace than the needed adaptations in marketing?
Who makes... Read more

The Link Between Lead Nurturing and Buyer Experience Marketing

Posted by Tony Zambito on April 28th, 2011 at 10:45 am

The new buyer experience economy has resulted in shifting the economic value of many sales and marketing tactics over the past couple of years. One approach whose value is on the rise is that of Lead Nurturing. It’s no wonder why – we have seen major alterations of buyer behavior and buying patterns with technology enabling more buyer control over the majority of the buying cycle process. This makes nurturing a key element of preventing buyers from disengaging from the buying cycle.

The approach taken towards lead nurturing could make a huge difference. With the concept of lead nurturing still in many respects a new one, companies are struggling on exactly what to do and perhaps how to implement lead nurturing. A most common approach, of what can be referred to as “picking and choosing” activities, may actually be hindering the further evolution of lead nurturing. Here are just a few reasons why:

Can Facebook Lead The Social Web?

Posted by Adam Broitman on December 2nd, 2008 at 12:00 am

Let's face it, the entire web is becoming social. By the end of 2009, all sites will have some social component to them--and why not?

Where there is content, there can be conversation
When there is conversation, there is engagement

Most great live presenters ask questions of their audience. They generally don't do so because they want to know the answer, they do so to keep the audience on their toes

When there is engagement, there is the potential for increased ad revenue (this is not always the case, but creative sales planners can, more easily, find ways to monetize content when users are engaged)

The questions then becomes, who will lead the charge in making the entire web truly social-

Perhaps it will be a current social network that makes it capabilities extensible and lends its audience/tools to content providers
Perhaps it will be new/open standards that drive the social web
The last, least desirable option would be for every content provider to provide their own, proprietary social tool

Over the next few weeks Facebook Connect will be expanding to various content sites, making them more social. In the short term I think that this will be great. I think that new... Read more