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How Did We Get 6500 Leads on a Startup Budget?

Posted by Jason Wells on June 20th, 2013 at 2:54 pm

Since January, we've gotten about 6500 leads from free sources. This doesn't include inbound phone calls, paid campaigns, PPC, tradeshows, or even new accounts.
These are just leads generated from free sources.
So how did we do it? How did we get 6500 leads for free in just over 4 months? I'll give you the formula:

1) Webinars
We host 1-2 marketing webinars each week. These started very small. We initially started with our own executives presenting content. That grew into inviting guest presenters. And has now grown into some very well-known guest presenters. These are true joint webinars. They drive a lot of leads.
They also take a ton of work. Just coordinating 2 webinars a week, creating registration pages, email campaigns, and managing the lead volume from those webinars is a nearly full-time job.
We record each webinar and make the recording available within our webinar library. We also transcribe each webinar (7000-9000 words each). This content is being crawled by Google and is helping us in the constant and never ending SEO battle.
Cost: A GoToWebinar account.

2) Free Trials
A lot of people sign up for a free trial of LogMyCalls each month. This is strictly through long-term SEO efforts and constant tweaking of our... Read more

The Evolution of the Lead Generation Portal

Posted by Garth Snider on November 24th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Almost a decade has passed since the advent of the vertical lead generation portal. Since that time, web sites that generate sales leads have popped up in countless verticals across the web.   Many have come; many have gone.   The ones that remain and thrive know that diversity is the hallmark to success.   The key to a successful lead generation campaign from the perspective of both the advertiser and lead generation web site (also known as a "portal" or "web portal") is generating leads through as many paths as possible. When I say path, I refer to the source by which the lead was generated. The most common paths are organic or free search engine traffic, pay per click, e-mail campaigns, co-branded advertising, and display advertising. 
The dirty little secret that most lead portals do not want to disclose is that the paths do not provide consistently "good" leads.  Some paths produce great leads for a while but then go dry. Some paths consistently produce a lot of leads, but with consistently poor quality. The process of lead generation is part art, part science. The best lead generation portals employ a large, dedicated, and experienced staff. This is necessary, as it takes that... Read more