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A Restaurateur's Best Friend: Q&A with James McKinney, CEO of SimpleDeal (Pt 2)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on February 7th, 2014 at 2:25 pm

In part one of my interview with SimpleDeal CEO James McKinney, we heard about how this new app connects passersby with restaurants right at the point of maximum interest.

In part two, we'll hear more about what it means to restaurants - including how they might be able to turn a trove of data into a gold mine.
CLICK TO LISTEN: Q&A: James McKinney, CEO of SimpleDeal (Pt 2)
(Approx 7 min, 25 sec)

Q&A: James McKinney, CEO of Simple Deal – A New Twist on Mobile Deal Apps for Restaurants (Pt 1)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on February 5th, 2014 at 4:28 pm

I'm digging SimpleDeal, which looks to be a promising new hyper-local mobile app that connects restaurants with customers at the point of maximum interest.
Unlike apps for setting reservations, receiving daily deals, pre-ordering meals and so on, SimpleDeal acts like a kind of digital wingman, enabling passersby to point their mobile phones at a restaurant to see the menu, find out more about its offerings, review any special deals and make a dining decision.
The restaurant can then follow up with new deals if the consumer opts in, but the app capitalizes on what I believe is mobile's greatest promise.
That is to say it is not push-based, it is pull-based - consumer activated, at the consumer's discretion, at the moment when a consumer is most interested in what you have to offer. And it is enabled through an online portal where restaurants can modify their messaging, or change out specials or deals, in real time.
Most important of all, it gives the client restaurant more than just a transactional ROI, it gives them added voice and value, by enabling them to share what they believe makes their offerings unique.
Time will tell if SimpleDeal, which is live in Long Beach California today, and about... Read more

JiWire Launches "The Location Graph" – Delivers Real Time Geo-Centric Audience Targeting

Posted by Dan Wittmers on September 6th, 2012 at 8:00 am

By: Dan Wittmers
Location, location, location! We’ve all heard or used this phrase in a multitude of fashions over the years, but the mobile platform has taken this to an entirely new level. Location is one of the key differentiators that separates mobile from any other medium available to marketers today. Often being dubbed, "The Holy Grail" of marketing, location data provides marketers the best possible chance to serve a consumer the right message at the right time.
In recent months, the conversation surrounding location for mobile marketing and advertising has been abundant, yet fairly unchanged. Innovators are still searching for new ways to increase the sharing of this data by consumers, as well as, testing new ways to utilize the data already being generated.
Many mobile ad networks tout geo-fencing or hyper-local targeting capabilities, but few have the ability to execute with a high degree of success. There are, however, a few companies that have taken location to new depths. For example, Jumptap recently announced a partnership with PlaceIQ to deliver hyper-local ads for a retail client of Hill Holiday.  Paran Johar, CMO at Jumptap, was quoted as saying,
“Our exclusive relationship with PlaceIQ goes beyond standard geo-fencing to offer hyper-local audience targeting... Read more

Retailers and Smartphones: It’s not “if” or “when”… it’s “how”

Posted by Todd Sherman on August 30th, 2012 at 9:21 am

We’ve all seen the numbers of how many people have smartphones, and we know they’re using them to help with shopping. But if your memory is like mine, here is a quick refresher:
• There are over 100 million smartphones in the U.S. and that number is growing fast(1)
• 73% use their smartphones to help with the shopping experience(2)
That means it is no longer “if” (that answer is “yes”) or “when” (“now”) to implement a mobile strategy, it’s “how.” So we’ll talk about “how” to do just that.
The primary key to success is engaging the customer. Offer them something that helps either save money or save time. Or both. And make it part of the natural shopping process – either what they are already doing now or what they will easily shift to doing because it’s easier, more efficient or more effective.
To those ends, here are some high-level concepts to keep in mind:
• Understand your customer. Mobile offers a significant leap forward in understanding what your customers want to buy and what they are interested in. This can be demonstrated through intelligent shopping lists, products searched for and products scanned.
• Communicate with your customer at every decision point. Since you know their interests,... Read more

Mobile Roundtable (Concl): Brand Marketing & The Future of Social TV

Posted by Rick Mathieson on May 29th, 2012 at 5:00 pm

Will consumers and brands really tune into social TV over the long term?
The whole field is getting a lot of buzz these days, from startups like Miso and GetGlue, to high-profile initiatives at this year's Super Bowl that included a branded app from Chevy and Coca-Cola's interactive Polar Bear experience on Facebook.
I have not seen solid figures on viewer engagement with the Chevy app, but the fact that GM announced this week it will sit out Super Bowl 2013, it stands to reason the initiative wasn't a touchdown.
Coca-Cola's experience, however, was another thing entirely. At last week's Social TV conference, Coca-Cola revealed some astonishing engagement figures for its Polar Bowl. Turns out that while Coke thought they'd engage a couple million people for an average of 2.5 minutes, the Bears - which reacted in real time to the game and even Super Bowl spots from other advertisers - attracted 9 million viewers who spent an average of 28 minutes with the brand.
In the conclusion of our May 2012 Mobile Roundtable, Dorrian Porter, CEO of longtime sponsor Mozes; Julie Fajgenbaum, vice president of brand and social media for American Express; and Rachel Pasqua, executive director of mobile marketing for Organic weigh... Read more