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Startup Marketing Conference: Conversion Hacking The Brain

Posted by Kent Lewis on October 23rd, 2014 at 2:16 pm

One of the Godfather’s of landing page and conversion rate optimization, Tim Ash, CEO or SiteTuners, kicked off the afternoon sessions at Startup Marketing Conference. He felt obligated to start at the bottom (of the brain), as it affects how we design successful LPO/CRO campaigns.
For starters, your reptilian brain is…

It likes simple choices
It has no patience
It’s automatic

And we as human animals survive by following the four F’s:

Fight (within seconds of meeting people, we figure out how we would kill them)
Feed (we need to eat to stay alive)

Then Ash touched on how your brain actually works*:

Is it dangerous? -> Deal with it or, if yes…
Is it novel? -> Ignore it, or, if yes…
Consciously explore it.

*95 percent of our actions are pre-conscious.
Then Ash revealed The New Sales Funnel:

The Brain Stem
Limbic System

The goal is to make sure consumers have a small number of clear choices. He adds a caveat in regards to The Long Tail, where more choices are better, but only for specific situations (like looking for music, a book or movie). It doesn’t work when making business decisions (whether it be a pen or marketing automation platform). Here are a few LPO/CRO strategies:

Remove similar choices (they are distracting) and keep it... Read more

How Strategic Landing Pages Can Boost Your PPC Strategy

Posted by Devanshi Garg on September 13th, 2013 at 9:24 am

Google Adwords is a crucial tool for today’s digital marketers. But while many focus entirely on Cost Per Click (CPC) management and keyword targeting landing, the importance of landing pages is placed on the back burner. Landing pages are optimized web pages designed for people who click on your ads. Once a user clicks on your Google ad, the landing page is where they arrive. The common component that is wrong with most Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies is that the ads are linking to a homepage or link cluttered registration page.
Landing pages should also attend to the specific stage of the buying cycle for each user. Have they interacted with your site? Or is this the first time they've ever encountered your brand? By using landing pages with focused and specified calls to action, content, and click through pages, you can augment your strategy to spur greater conversions.
Journey to Conversion
When you link a PPC ad on Google to your business’ homepage, you are very likely to confuse the visitor. Once a user clicks the ad they arrive at a page with dozens of potential links to click through, usually accompanied with an overabundance of content. By understanding that your ad should... Read more

Do you build landing pages or trampolines?

Posted by Peter Platt on June 11th, 2010 at 7:01 am

Are your prospects taking the action you want on your landing pages, or are they exiting before taking action?  Thanks to Google Analytics “bounce rate” has become a common metric in evaluating web page impact.  So what do you do when you see a high bounce rate on your landing page? First off, don’t assume it’s the offer that’s wrong.
One of the common mistakes in digital marketing is assuming that users have enough information to make a decision and take action. Unlike traditional direct mail pieces, digital attention getters don’t often have enough room to tell the story. Unless you’re using rich media, banner ads offer limited opportunity to move a person to action, the same can be said for Paid Search ads, SMS ads and Tweets.  These methods are similar to the envelope in direct mail. They do just enough to pique the user’s interest, but they aren’t going to make the sale. You need to make sure your landing page (or micro site if necessary) fills in the details necessary to encourage the prospect to interact.
It’s also important to let users consume the content the way they want it, not just in the linear form you’ve imagined. One... Read more

Closing the Click: Eight Tips for Creating Landing Pages that Sell

Posted by Robert Boman on July 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

It's the end of July in Texas. And it's hot. I'm ready to go in search of cooler climes. No deadlines. No to-do list. Nothing but me, my Harley, and the highway.
I love the prospect of exploring my way to, say, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico. But what if instead, I were to suddenly drop by parachute into North Korea? Dude, I don't know anything about North Korea. I'd rather melt under the Texas sun.
What does North Korea have to do with landing pages, you ask? The way I see it, when a customer clicks on an email and ends up on a poorly planned landing page — or worse, gets dumped on the home page — it's a lot like dropping them into North Korea without so much as a map.
Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but it isn't pretty. Without a landing page that's designed to close the sale, customers will bail. And fast. So the big question is, how do you turn a landing page into a closing page? Well, here are eight things to start with:
1.    Continue the story. Think of the landing page as your chance... Read more

The 8 Second Imperative

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on December 3rd, 2008 at 12:00 am

Half of all the people clicking on your landing page bail out by the time 8 seconds elapse according to SilverPop. Optimizing landing pages is the fastest, easiest most cost effective thing you can do to improve sales, lead generation and customer engagement.
Each minor step you make will increase process flow and drive incremental conversion. The objective is to instantly orient visitors and make it as easy and as intuitive as possible for them to do what you want them to do. Everything starts with the understanding that a click onto your landing page is a gift from God with a half-life of a nuclear isotope. It begins degrading as soon as it granted (8 seconds) and it represents the BEGINNING of the conversation not the end.
As a site operator or marketer you must do everything possible to extend the 8 seconds into a registration, a download or a sale. Most of the moves are logical and require no extra technology. According to MarketingSherpa, the average e-mail landing page converts between 5.6 and 11.3 percent of those who click, depending on the offer. E-commerce landing pages produce conversions in the 5.6-7.6 range.
So here are the "rules" -- for LANDING PAGE OPTIMIZATION --... Read more