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Publishing is Dividing into Two Camps

Posted by Francine Hardaway on October 26th, 2012 at 8:08 am

Online publishing seems to be dividing itself into to camps lately: premium and non-premium. We might also refer to them as "video-receptive" and not receptive, open to new formats with hight CPMs, or just interested in filling inventory with anything.
Digging deeper, this goes to the publisher's own brand;  whether it is interested in brand ads or performance ads, whether it sees the future as higher CPM's for fewer ads, or whether it wants to sell out its entire inventory, even as remnant.
For premium publishers, a scarcity of inventory is not only acceptable, in some sense it's desirable. If they run out of inventory, they raise the price, and they actually accept fewer ads. In this sense, they're like old-time glossy magazines; you can only afford them if you are someone they want in the book.  Today, as I write, there is only one ad on the entire Huffington Post home page. These are the basic supply and demand principles: scarce supply drives up price.
Premium publishers are also moving quickly toward video. The single ad on today's Economist home page is a video.
And the single ad at the top of the page on Vogue is a rotator with three promos for the... Read more