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The TV-Web Tango

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on March 28th, 2011 at 9:43 pm

New data suggests that TV and the Internet have a deep, tangled and evolving relationship. Consumers still love the tube, even though they multi-task while watching and DVR their favorite shows. At the same time the digerati have finally convinced their elder brethren that behavior trumps demographics in media targeting.
Deloitte’s recent “State of the Media Democracy” Survey documented America’s continuing unbroken love affair with TV. Seventy-one percent of respondents said watching TV was their favorite thing. Eighty-six percent TV ads have the most impact on their buying decisions. Compare this to 47% who said online had the greatest influence; roughly half as much.
And yet nearly three-quarters split their time and attention even when parked in front of a screen. Forty-two percent are online, another 29 percent are on mobile devices and 26 percent are IMing or texting. With all this activity, TV watching feels like a background activity so it’s hard to imagine how much branding or ad copy is being received or actually absorbed or how memorable or influential those ads really are.
But just when you doubt it, think about the growing phenomenon of watching TV and simultaneously tweeting, commenting, reviewing or responding in real time. Think about the... Read more

CES 2011: Hyundai and Toyota pave new roads for marketers to reach drivers

Posted by Jennifer Marlo on January 10th, 2011 at 7:26 pm

While wading through the sea of exhibitions at the consumer electronics show (CES) this past weekend, I thought about all the new technology and how it might be used to improve marketing and brand awareness. With this in mind, one advancement in particular caught my attention; automotive companies are jumping into the interactive arena, reinventing the possibilities of marketing to drivers.
Hyundai and Toyota are working to improve and expand upon driver navigation systems, introducing advanced telematics platforms to the dashboards of a few of the newest car models. Hyundai's BlueLink and Toyota's Entune systems offer nifty features such as voice-to-text service, allowing drivers to respond to texts with voice commands. Entune will permit drivers to control music, make dinner reservations through OpenTable, search the internet via Bing, and buy theater tickets on MovieTickets.com through an advanced voice recognition system. BlueLink provides over 30 useful features including point-of-interest searches such as nearby gas stations and restaurant recommendations. Drivers will be able to personalize their BlueLink services on Hyundai's website and connect to their mobile devices. According to a Hyundai representative I spoke to at CES, BlueLink is powered by Bing and Navteq, providing a powerful new way for marketers to reach drivers.

iMedia Fun!

Posted by Jeff Hayzlett on June 26th, 2010 at 3:45 am

Takeaways from the Florida Brand Summit.

14 Things To Help Inspire Your Digital Marketing in 2010

Posted by Jonathan Richman on January 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

As you catch up on all the emails you missed over the holidays and wonder where to start on your massive list of "to-dos," I'm going to recommend you take a moment for a quick read. Today's post is really simple. It's not another "XYZs of the DECADE!" or "The Most Important Things of 2010" type post, of which I'm sure you're seeing plenty. [Note: This is a re-post from my "regular" blog, Dose of Digital, but thought it was worth sharing here as well.] 
Instead, I wanted to start you off with some things that are sure to recharge your creative thinking. I plan to show you things that might amuse, inspire, upset, annoy, confuse, encourage, frustrate, and all of these at once. While I typically write about healthcare related topics, this post is for every marketer out there. There are quite a few healthcare examples included (I can't help it), but the vast majority have nothing whatsoever to do with healthcare.
What you aren't going to get here is a list of things to do. I'm not going to show you a bunch of ideas to copy. You're going to have to work a bit to figure out the... Read more

3 Big, Bad Steps to Better Creative

Posted by Robert Boman on December 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

The secret's out: I'm not exactly a blend-into-the-background kind of guy. I like to come out on top, whether it's catching the biggest fish, scoring the cheapest plasma, or putting away one more hot wing than the guy next to me.
That doesn't change when I'm at the office. Unfortunately, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of new things and forget to look back. It's hard to be the best, though, if you don't remember to: "Create it. Measure it. Improve it."
If only we could tackle online creative like the Three Little Pigs. Yes, even this Harley-ridin' 40-something knows a nursery rhyme or two.
The first little pig had the right idea when he built that straw house: Construct a shelter that would keep him dry and provide him a little privacy.
The second pig took a different approach and tried to create a stable home made of sticks that looked edgy and different from anything the other pigs had ever seen.
And the third pig decided it would be worth it to spend a little extra cash to build a rock-solid, indestructible house of bricks.
Until the day that wolf came along, all... Read more