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Be Real – Nobody Comments Like You…

Posted by David Clarke on December 20th, 2010 at 3:49 pm

In the Social Universe, there are few things as rewarding as a good conversation with a customer. I've read some interesting articles lately about outsourcing social media management, specifically focused on communication and comments. While this is one good option, especially while rolling out a new social program, I must say that some of the most effective social communication comes from internal corporate teams. In many cases, they capture the most authentic and compassionate voice of the brand.
Companies that seek to develop their online personality can do so through social posts. For example, if a brand wants to stress their customer focus and premium care, social media is the most effective marketing channel to convey this message in a personal manner. Each post can reflect the quality of products and services, and by managing this in-house companies are able to communicate quickly and in their own voice.
Many corporations that are cautious of the ramifications of engaging in the social channel develop "canned" comments. Whether the social communications are created internally or via an agency, a large mass of comments are crafted at once, they are run through the Legal department and then dispersed at scheduled intervals. Many times these communications feel generic and are not relevant... Read more

Quality Interactive Marketing Creative and What It Means in 2010

Posted by Michael Sprouse on April 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

The following is a guest column from Erica Baer, director of creative services at Epic Advertising.
Web design is like fashion; it changes every season, what's old is new again, and when you look back, you can't believe you actually wore it.  
Before I was Creative Director at Epic Advertising, I was a landing page and banner designer. Flash back to the early 2000s—anyone who surfed the Web can remember those annoying "Get a Free iPod" ads, and it was obvious in those days that design aesthetics were not a priority across the interactive landscape. Then, it was all about the large seizure-inducing flashing buttons, high-contrasting colors and thick strokes around all the text. Thank goodness Web design has evolved! Here are some of the trends I have seen crop up recently that give promise and hope to providing better creative services for clients:Traditional Print StyleOne of my personal favorite trends is the utilization of traditional print design style for Web design initiatives. There's more focus on typography (heading and body copy interaction), clean lines, lots of white space and beautiful high-quality imagery.  
Targeting & DesignWith a greater emphasis on the use of anonymous data for better targeting, most... Read more

Digital Darwinism

Posted by Kent Speakman on September 18th, 2009 at 12:00 am

By Tom Short
"What's the next big thing in marketing?" Convergence, Engagement, and Accountability, all made possible by Agency 2.0

A question I am often asked is, "What is the next big thing in marketing?" We have seen an amazing evolution in marketing in the last decade, which is accelerating with the ubiquitous use of technology in our everyday lives.
The classic parody of evolution showing man evolving from hunched-over monkey, to man walking upright, to man hunched over a keyboard, says it all. It's where we have come from and where we are going. But the image has it only half right, because we continue to evolve. We are now upright (again) --  mobile, social, unique, identifiable and looking to be engaged like never before.  

Traditional agencies (let's call their model "Agency 1.0") have had a good run.  People consumed based on what mass media told them to consume. These agencies got fat, rich – and a bit complacent – selling their expertise and exercising control over the primary media channels of the day, with tightly controlled messages in TV, print, outdoor, etc… a la 'Madmen'.
But… because of technology, in the last decade the power has started to shift to the consumer, and... Read more

Creativing :: Catching crooks with an iPhone, YouTube makes bands money, and a Twitter post leads to a lawsuit

Posted by Doug Schumacher on July 31st, 2009 at 12:00 am

My weekly update of what's going on in new media marketing, pulled from social bookmarking site Creativing.com:
I now pronounce you monetized: a YouTube video case study
You've seen the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video, now read the case study. This is what YouTube and everyone else who isn't a record label has been saying for years. That associating your music with emotionally-powerful user-generated content is good for sales, not fleecing the artists. Labels should be thankful they don't have to a) pay people for developing this content, b) spend the money to drive the traffic to support 10 million views, and c) pay the video streaming bandwidth fees.
New Report Suggests Facebook Has Replaced Email For Sharing Content
I've previously reported on how Facebook is driving sharing and traffic, but here's additional proof. What's particularly reinforcing is that the two sharing apps have such similar data. Perhaps most telling about the power of Facebook and community in general is that they're driving all this sharing, and their email app pretty much sucks.
Southern Comfort Pours Entire Media Budget Into Digital

Yep, the whole enchilada. I can't recall a major brand that's made that leap yet. And this from a distiller in Kentucky, no less.... Read more

One agency guy's New Year resolutions

Posted by Adam Kleinberg on January 2nd, 2009 at 12:00 am

I run a creative agency with a strong focus on digital. Here are some of my resolutions:
1. Be thoughtful about our process so we continue to consistently create breakthrough ideas that move the dial for our clients AND demonstrate positive ROI. I think an unrelenting focus on metrics can put us in a box where the best idea might not win