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2014 Marketing Predictions

Posted by Kent Lewis on December 12th, 2013 at 3:56 pm

As another year comes to a close, the Anvil Media team got out its crystal ball and looked into the future to make our annual marketing predictions. It is a practice we’ve done for nine years now and one we’ve definitely come adept at.

Integrating Display Advertising with Social Media Marketing

Posted by Leslie Van Zee on December 19th, 2012 at 8:00 am

Social media's business role has grown, but many marketers treat it as an alternative to more traditional forms of online advertising, such as display advertising. This guide will highlight key methods for how to craft a marketing strategy with full understanding of how to combine the best advantages of the three most popular social media sites with display advertising.

Buy Them a Drink First…

Posted by Kristin Hambelton on September 2nd, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Buy them a drink first…
Here’s a stat…. According to B2B Magazine, more than 23% of B2B buyers are discussing products and services with their peers via social media.  In fact, online recommendations are increasingly one of the most effective methods for getting new customers and leads. And, you are more likely to look at a product or service that someone has recommended to you.
I recently had the pleasure of moderating an online roundtable discussion entitled Social Media and Social Marketing Across the Funnel. I gathered together a few of the industry’s best— Carlos Hidalgo from The Annuitas Group, Kathleen Schaub of TrellisOne, and Mathieu Hannouz of Neolane— to talk about social media and the overall  importance of integrating it into B2B marketing efforts. 
We looked at:

What is the difference between social media and social marketing?
Why is social media and social marketing so critical for B2B organizations?
What are the key considerations for using social media and social marketing at various stages within the funnel?
What’s working today for B2B organizations using social media?

In this lively session, we uncovered that many companies’ social marketing efforts continue to be disjointed and lack integration into broader sales and branding campaigns.
One of the key discussion points centered... Read more

Honda's Fit advergame is a hit

Posted by Mario Sgambelluri on September 29th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Did you happen to catch the advergame for Honda's Fit earlier this year? I missed it, but a tip from a friend (via LinkedIn) at the agency that designed it (Red Interactive) introduced me. (Red of course worked with RPA, Honda's long-standing AOR on the effort, by the way.)
The game acts as a seamless extension of those killer commercials that established the Fit as a sort of a comic book superhero fighting fuel-sucking "mecha mosquitoes" and hell-bent muscle cars. The game play is pretty simple, but it's a visual treat, addictive and a fine example of extending storytelling across multiple media.
Red Interactive's Honda Fit game is up for an "Advertising & Branding" award at the 2009 Adobe MAX conference.

Digital Darwinism

Posted by Kent Speakman on September 18th, 2009 at 12:00 am

By Tom Short
"What's the next big thing in marketing?" Convergence, Engagement, and Accountability, all made possible by Agency 2.0

A question I am often asked is, "What is the next big thing in marketing?" We have seen an amazing evolution in marketing in the last decade, which is accelerating with the ubiquitous use of technology in our everyday lives.
The classic parody of evolution showing man evolving from hunched-over monkey, to man walking upright, to man hunched over a keyboard, says it all. It's where we have come from and where we are going. But the image has it only half right, because we continue to evolve. We are now upright (again) --  mobile, social, unique, identifiable and looking to be engaged like never before.  

Traditional agencies (let's call their model "Agency 1.0") have had a good run.  People consumed based on what mass media told them to consume. These agencies got fat, rich – and a bit complacent – selling their expertise and exercising control over the primary media channels of the day, with tightly controlled messages in TV, print, outdoor, etc… a la 'Madmen'.
But… because of technology, in the last decade the power has started to shift to the consumer, and... Read more