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Data Isn't King, An Insight Is

Posted by Daisy Whitney on June 6th, 2013 at 10:24 am

Data won't tell you everything you need. In fact, sometimes it tells you the wrong thing."We are data rich and insight poor," said Adam Kmiec, Director, Global Digital Marketing & Social Media, The Campbell Soup Co., during the morning keynote at the iMedia in:Focus Summit on What Women Want From Brands. "Data misses things. Insights come from signals, not data, and insights inform decisions. The key is what you do with those signals."
He urged marketers and agencies to look beyond big data and study insights and emerging trends, and then apply those to the data. For instance, don't assume a tweet is equivalent to an actionable data point. However, many tweets when filtered and structured, can potentially be a powerful signal about consumer behavior. Signals indicate what consumers are really doing with products and how they are buying. "An insight is something you need to think about and then make a decision about what to do about it," he said.

Facebook is telling businesses to become better content marketers

Posted by Doug Schumacher on March 2nd, 2012 at 1:23 pm

Wednesday, Facebook had their first Facebook Marketing Conference, or FMC for us in the biz. They announced a number of things that will impact marketer’s Facebook activities:
The highlights for me are:

The integration of Timeline into brand pages
Their new ad product Reach Generator
The ability to ‘pin’ a preferred content piece at the top of your page for increased visibility.

A lot has already been written on the details of those changes. I’d like to focus on the larger implications for marketers and how this is going to lead them into a content approach to marketing, whether they’re prepared for it or not.
The big story is that Facebook is essentially telling all marketers that they’d better get their content game on. That’s because your paid advertising on Facebook and the content you publish on Facebook are now one and the same, from a messaging standpoint. The focus on Facebook paid ads won’t be on crafting individual messages that you then optimize, as it’s been in the past. Instead, you’ll simply pipe your best content pieces into different ad units, and measure performance based on how your content attracts interest.
What’s quite revolutionary about this is that they’ve taken what’s been about 100 years of... Read more

Do companies capitalize on the promise of big data that comes with Digital Marketing?

Posted by Francois Gossieaux on October 27th, 2011 at 11:55 am

Digital Marketing came with huge promises - big data that would allow us to predict consumer behavior with amazing accuracy and finally turn our marketing departments into measurable, predictable, and accountable departments.
Where's the Modern Marketing Beef?
Have you been able to capitalize on those promises? Are you capturing the value that comes with big data? Do you have the right partnerships - internally or externally - to help you make sense of what's happening?
According to Michael Mendenhall, the President of Lipman and the former CMO at Hewlett Packard and Disney, who I recently interviewed, his experiences are that:

Companies can extract insights from big data that comes with Digital Marketing
Successful ones combine it with their bricks and mortar-based digital customer information
Companies that capitalize on the promise of big data can predict when customers will buy or defect
And perhaps more importantly, they can tell what it is that keeps prospects from buying their goods and services.

Unfortunately, most CMO's do not have the required analytic skill-set within their department to capitalize on this promise.
Insource, Outsourece, Cross-Departmental Collaboration? Where's the solution?
Some CMO's, like Lisa Macpherson, Hallmark's chief marketer, turn to their CIO for help - but while many CIO's know how to store, secure and serve up... Read more

Creativing :: Cannes case studies, Verizon’s minority report future, and a first look at the Facebook phone

Posted by Doug Schumacher on July 14th, 2011 at 9:36 am

The latest in new media marketing trends:
Cannes Cyber Lions: The Winning Case Studies | Digital Buzz Blog
The headline says it all. Good stuff.
Three senior executives on the future of marketing – McKinsey Quarterly
I like the bookend effect of the first and last projections. Firstly, the CEO of Virgin Atlantic reminds us that big, mass media still packs a lot of power. And then a Yahoo! Research scientists tells us the future of marketing will be more and more scientific. Of course, both are correct, and like the influx of technology into marketing, the ones who can blend the analytical with the emotional will have the most consistently good ideas.
Note: To read this you need to register, but it’s free.
The Compelling (or Creepy) M2M World of Verizon Wireless
If you’d like a quick glimpse of the future of the internet, this is your article. I’ve posted on the “Internet of Things” before, and this is a good outline of what parts of our lives that will touch. It’s also good to see a more buzz-friendly term, “M2M” emerge. Stands for “Machine-to-machine”.
First look at HTC Status, the Facebook phone – CNET
I’m not digging the design, but have to say the FB button is nice functionality.... Read more

Creativing :: Emerging online ad units, TV goes fully online by 2014, and marketers breaking records

Posted by Doug Schumacher on June 9th, 2011 at 3:14 pm

The latest in new media marketing strategies and tactics:
Rising Stars Ad Units
New ad units being supported for standardization by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. I think the big issue around rich media is that it becomes too expensive to produce, when clients could put that money into more long-term site assets.
Mobile Display Advertising Up 128 Percent in Last 2 Years | Adweek
More stats on the growing mobile ad market. Money is pouring into these media units because they’re working. And right now, I think they’re working because they’re unique. Of course, banners once ‘worked’ and were quite unique. The obvious challenge is, How does mobile advertising scale as users see more and more ads?
Television Executives Predict Bulk of TV Content Will Be Available Online and Via Mobile Within 2 Years | Adweek
Bravo. I have to say I’m often baffled by major TV shows that don’t have their content available online, especially on their own site.
For Hipmunk, it’s all about the users– and the UI — Tech News and Analysis
I wouldn’t normally post about a new travel search site, but this is a great example of how a killer user interface can make all the difference. Definitely check out the site’s flight... Read more