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Why Joel Hyatt Says Current TV Was the Most Innovative News Network

Posted by Morgan Sims on October 1st, 2014 at 2:58 pm

Current TV co-founder and CEO Joel Hyatt has often discussed the contributions of that network to modern broadcasting. Not only did Current TV's innovations bring more viewer participation to mainstream TV, it’s very founding process was an object lesson in the evils of a concentrated industry. That makes Hyatt's success in launching Current TV as much an innovation as any technique that he pioneered.
Current TV Exposed the TV Broadcasting Oligopoly
Your cable or satellite menu looks like a melting pot of options. There are literally hundreds of channels. The problem is, a handful of companies control them. Disney, for example, owns the channels that bear the Disney brand, plus channels with the brands ABC and ESPN. NBC owns NBC-branded channels plus USA, Bravo, and Syfy. That list is far from comprehensive.
There's also a small group of providers distributing airtime. That makes entering the business almost impossible for independent startup channels. The problem was epitomized when a network whose co-founder was former Vice President Al Gore couldn't get cable and satellite providers to carry it.
Hyatt and Gore beat the distribution blues by buying a small news network, Newsworld International, and inheriting its 17-million household distribution. That put Current TV on the air.... Read more

Zappos & the Importance of a Vibrant Corporate Culture

Posted by Michael Sprouse on February 22nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

Corporate culture is a topic that is very important and often overlooked by many businesses. The detractors claim that it is difficult or even impossible to measure the impact that corporate culture has on the bottom line. Phrases and topics like "employee empowerment," "managing from the bottom-up," "management training," and "employee perks" are still not widely embraced in most businesses.
My question is: Why not? I’d like to provide an alternate point of view. One of the tent poles of Epic Advertising over the past two years has been a focus on our culture and people. The result? Two consecutive years of great business success, double-digit percent year over year revenue growth, and a No. 3 ranking in Crain's New York Business “Best Places to Work” 2009 competition.
But my intent here is not to tout Epic. Perhaps the best example of the importance of corporate culture and how it is a key component to success is Zappos. In case you’re not familiar with Zappos, we featured them in our latest issue of Winning the Web. Zappos also has a fantastic subscription site - called Zappos Insights - devoted entirely to helping other businesses enhance their corporate culture and develop an innovative... Read more