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Put your money (and time) where the fans are: From social media innovation to practice

Posted by Yuna Park on June 11th, 2013 at 12:13 pm

This post is the last in a three-part series with practical tips for marketers to pursue social and digital innovation. Read the first post, on maximizing your personal social media usage, here and the second post, on how to uncover the coolest new apps and toys, here.
You have the tools at your avail and you’re learning continuously about the social and digital landscape. But how do you take everything you’ve learned and put it into practice for your brand?

1. Experiment during existing campaigns. Don’t get overwhelmed by a new platform or technology. Think of how it can help add to your existing campaigns. Taco Bell did an excellent job with this, leveraging the growth of Snapchat to share the news that their Beefy Crunchy Burrito was returning to the menu. To do so, Taco Bell encouraged its existing social fans to add “tacobell” as a friend on Snapchat in order to be looped into an upcoming secret announcement. The Snapchat of the Beefy Crunchy Burrito was sent, generating a wealth of noise for the brand and the product launch, and then Taco Bell’s activity subsided on Snapchat. They were able to appropriately and successfully utilize a new platform for... Read more

2 Ways to Read Your Data

Posted by Greg Kihlström on June 11th, 2013 at 10:50 am

Edmund Wilson, the noted literary critic, once said, “No two people read the same book.” It could also be said that no two people will make the exact same analysis from a complex set of marketing data. There are a number of ways to read the numbers and a wealth of solutions for each problem or challenge they present.
This article describes two ways to look at your marketing data and two potential approaches based on what you find.
The first scenario could have a number of first steps. Perhaps you’ve recently launched a new campaign, product or website. Or maybe you have happy shareholders or a board of directors that is pleased, but you now have access to some new insights or data.
When your numbers are good – but not quite great – and you know that some small changes or additional tactics could help, it’s time to optimize.
Optimization can take a number of forms. It could be reevaluating some of your vendors’ performance or adjusting your media mix. Perhaps it’s time to adjust the creative – again. It could even be optimizing the user experience to incorporate responsive design into your web platforms. As long as what you do... Read more

Why we need better memories if we're going to truly innovate

Posted by Greg Kihlström on May 8th, 2013 at 11:30 am

For all the real-time tracking, daily analytics and other data that we have at our disposal, there is one dimension that we need to keep in mind more than ever. In the context of these “short-term” examples, this other dimension can be referred to as “long-term” memory.
As they say, there is “nothing new under the sun.” We run into issues when we individually or collectively believe this to be untrue, as it leads us to present so-called new ideas or concepts when they simply aren’t unique or innovative. This could be either within an organization, or in society as a whole. It is our responsibility as strategists and marketers to cut through the superficial layers of style and determine what substantive trends are driving our work and our industry.
Take a technology example:
I suppose this started with the idea of a “guest book” on a website back in the early 90s. Remember message boards? You might also know them as “forums.” A few years later a revolutionary new technology was created called “weblogs” or now “blogs” as we commonly refer to them. Then came things like Twitter and Tumblr, which were treated as revolutionary new ideas. In reality, these are all... Read more

The Agency Dilemma: Innovation

Posted by Cameron Friedlander on April 10th, 2013 at 1:18 pm

Innovation; you can’t go to a conference, meeting, or agency without someone assaulting everything in sight with the word; people, clients, random objects, there is little left sacred, no discrimination. So much so it has lost whatever meaning it used to have or we have forgotten the original meaning of it altogether. The word alone should be put to pasture with the likes of agile (which actually, programmatically, used to mean something…good).
But what does it mean for an agency or a person to be innovative? The concept is buzzing around the marketing world, impossible to ignore and strangely, even harder to observe in action. Agency-defined innovators only have as much power and influence as their next idea. It’s no wonder that they soon find themselves trolling Twitter #innovation #hashtags, proving once again that nothing is new until everyone has done it.
But let’s take a step back, innovation, simply defined, is the introduction of something new, anything new, that’s it. So how can there be an SVP of Something New? Reinvention and curiosity is human, when each employee comes to the office ready to face risks without fear of failure, determination and creativity. Building a special task force of innovators can... Read more

Why aren't we innovating?

Posted by Kathryn Worthington on January 3rd, 2013 at 1:34 pm

The pace of marketing change today, driven by digital innovation and technology - has us all focusing on the latest tools, platforms and models of engagement. Obsessed with the ‘how’ instead of the ‘why’, we struggle to truly innovate and find ourselves swimming in a sea of sameness. We all create the same gift finders, music playlists, look books, and Facebook apps with the intention of simulating a ‘friendship’ with brands and other fans.
In the rush to define a new marketing model or invent the digital future, we’ve lost perspective of what drives people and have missed the opportunity to truly reinvent, to establish deep, relevant connections with people – not audiences, not fans, not prospects, or consumers – people. Ultimately, in our urgency, we’ve forgotten a simple human truth: our innate desire to connect with one another, to forge authentic relationships that have meaning in our lives.
Instead of focusing on tools and mechanisms for reaching people today, we should focus on creating experiences that enhance what the brand enables people to do day-by-day. Before creating another Facebook canvas app, let’s ask ourselves – what experience is authentic to the brand and would allow our consumers to enhance their passions?... Read more