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Use SMS to Win Love, Leads, and Revenue

Posted by Neil Spencer on February 14th, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Worldwide, an estimated 9.6 trillion text messages were sent in 2012. This number is staggering, and with Valentine's Day upon us, its important to look at how people are using text messaging to interact with each other. Sweethearts flock to this service to send a quick, "I'm thinking about you," (or racier) note to their loved one when phone calls aren't required. There's also a way for businesses to use SMS to win love, leads, and revenue. There are several similarities between building a personal and business relationship, and we'll take a look at how businesses can learn a thing or two from them.

Creativing :: Walmart’s smart shopping app, big reasons for using Facebook Connect, and the top infographics of 2011

Posted by Doug Schumacher on December 8th, 2011 at 2:39 pm

10 links that point to the future of digital marketing:
Walmart Launches Shopycat, A Social Gift Finder Built On Top Of Facebook | TechCrunch
This is really smart on several levels. For one, Walmart has taken a more open approach to their gift finder, integrating product recommendations from competing stores, thereby increasing the validity and accuracy of their app. At first glance, I found this to be very helpful simply in terms of quickly gauging what people’s interests are.
I also like how Walmart is setting themselves up for Facebook ecommerce down the road. Some interesting things from a giant not known for cutting edge marketing innovation.
50% Of Ecommerce Site Visitors Are Logged In To Facebook | TechCrunch
This is big. Many brands are still treating their website and social media properties as separate entities. Sure, they might cross-link, but the bigger opportunity is in integrating things like Facebook Connect. When you consider how much money some brands spend driving traffic to their website, and then consider what a great CRM tool Facebook is, it really makes sense to integrate the two as tightly as possible.
Global vs. local social media strategies / We Are Social
The question of whether or not to have multiple Facebook... Read more

Creativing :: Funny conversation between bots, Anatomy of a Facebook Fan, and measuring social media

Posted by Doug Schumacher on September 1st, 2011 at 8:53 am

Ten links that point towards the future of marketing:
Can The Next Instagram/Hipstamatic/Klout/Angry Birds Be Born Within An Agency? | Mobile Inc
I frequently note how many apps could have been developed by agencies or their brands, as content marketing vehicles. Why that isn’t happening more is a big question this blogger taps into.
An awesomely weird conversation between two AI Cleverbots – Shareables
If the world were run by bots (at least today’s version of bots).
7 Sure-fire Ways to Use Content to Connect With Your Audience | Content Marketing Institute
As content becomes the life-source of social media engagement, brands are going to be looking under every nook and cranny of the office to find good stories. Here are some places to look.
Interactive Marketing Spend to Hit $76.6B in 2016 | Digital – Advertising Age
You know what they say: Follow the money. Here’s where it’s going in the ad industry
INFOGRAPHIC: The Anatomy Of A Facebook Fan
A general overview of how Facebook “Likes” spread across Facebook.
GoodGuide’s Transparency Toolbar Tells You When You’re About To Buy Something Toxic | Fast Company
I’ve posted before on how well publishers are going to take to the content marketing game. This is a great example.
Google+ Brand Accounts: What Social Media... Read more

Creativing :: Led Zep YouTube mashup, an epic iPhone plunge, and visualizing cable news topics

Posted by Doug Schumacher on July 21st, 2011 at 8:42 am

The latest in new media marketing strategies, tactics and technologies:
100 YouTube Videos Come Together To Cover Led Zeppelin [VIDEO]
More than anything, I think this shows how something as seemingly simple as video sharing has impacted so many people in so many situations and environments, and draws a common thread across all of them.
This iPhone Survived a 13,500-Foot Fall
A great brand story, irregardless of what a freak event this may have been.
Track that bias: New app visualizes cable news topics live — Online Video News
The first 2 paragraphs of this are all you need to read to get a nice sense of how text analysis can be used to add depth and perspective to a batch of data difficult to otherwise get a good grasp of.
How Bing’s Editors Choose Sexy Images To Seduce You Away From Google | Fast Company
A battle of the page design strategies between Microsoft (Bing) and Google. While Bing has supported their page launch with a significant paid media effort, I can see how this more emotional greeting is a great shot at Google’s supposed strength; simplicity. It’s like the political debate strategy of attacking, not your opponents weaknesses, but their strengths.
AmEx Links Up Facebook With Coupon-less... Read more

Creativing :: Cannes case studies, Verizon’s minority report future, and a first look at the Facebook phone

Posted by Doug Schumacher on July 14th, 2011 at 9:36 am

The latest in new media marketing trends:
Cannes Cyber Lions: The Winning Case Studies | Digital Buzz Blog
The headline says it all. Good stuff.
Three senior executives on the future of marketing – McKinsey Quarterly
I like the bookend effect of the first and last projections. Firstly, the CEO of Virgin Atlantic reminds us that big, mass media still packs a lot of power. And then a Yahoo! Research scientists tells us the future of marketing will be more and more scientific. Of course, both are correct, and like the influx of technology into marketing, the ones who can blend the analytical with the emotional will have the most consistently good ideas.
Note: To read this you need to register, but it’s free.
The Compelling (or Creepy) M2M World of Verizon Wireless
If you’d like a quick glimpse of the future of the internet, this is your article. I’ve posted on the “Internet of Things” before, and this is a good outline of what parts of our lives that will touch. It’s also good to see a more buzz-friendly term, “M2M” emerge. Stands for “Machine-to-machine”.
First look at HTC Status, the Facebook phone – CNET
I’m not digging the design, but have to say the FB button is nice functionality.... Read more