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Creativing :: Emerging online ad units, TV goes fully online by 2014, and marketers breaking records

Posted by Doug Schumacher on June 9th, 2011 at 3:14 pm

The latest in new media marketing strategies and tactics:
Rising Stars Ad Units
New ad units being supported for standardization by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. I think the big issue around rich media is that it becomes too expensive to produce, when clients could put that money into more long-term site assets.
Mobile Display Advertising Up 128 Percent in Last 2 Years | Adweek
More stats on the growing mobile ad market. Money is pouring into these media units because they’re working. And right now, I think they’re working because they’re unique. Of course, banners once ‘worked’ and were quite unique. The obvious challenge is, How does mobile advertising scale as users see more and more ads?
Television Executives Predict Bulk of TV Content Will Be Available Online and Via Mobile Within 2 Years | Adweek
Bravo. I have to say I’m often baffled by major TV shows that don’t have their content available online, especially on their own site.
For Hipmunk, it’s all about the users– and the UI — Tech News and Analysis
I wouldn’t normally post about a new travel search site, but this is a great example of how a killer user interface can make all the difference. Definitely check out the site’s flight... Read more

Creativing :: How to drive change, brands increasing their social media spend, and mobile’s “phantom limb” effect

Posted by Doug Schumacher on April 21st, 2011 at 9:55 am

The latest in interactive marketing strategies and tactics:
Most Marketers Plan to Increase Social Media Spend This Year [STUDY]
Another survey indicated increasing interest in social media by brands. 70% are planning to increase their social media budget this year. Most interesting is that their primary social media goal is to increase Facebook ‘Likes’, and that 87% report that social media is “important” or “very important” to achieving their biggest marketing goal this year. If anyone is doubted that social media has made it to the major leagues, this is pretty strong proof.
Why People Do & Don’t Use Location Apps (Survey)
The findings are interesting regarding mobile trends. I’m surprised at the number who don’t use location-based apps is as low as it is. That seems to be changing. That said, the numbers on this survey feel a little low for complete reliability.
Moat Banner Ad Search
It’s not often I care to search for banner ads, but it does play the full animation, and present details like where it was discovered and when it last ran.
MediaPost Publications Tell The IAB What You’re Spending In Mobile
I’ve stated a few times how the mobile industry is paralleling the early days of the ad industry. There’s currently... Read more

Creativing :: BMW as VC firm, major content marketing news, and the ever-expanding Facebook ‘Like’ button

Posted by Doug Schumacher on March 3rd, 2011 at 7:42 pm

The latest in interactive marketing strategies and tactics:
BMW Teams Up With, Invests $5 Million In MyCityWay
This looks like a great way to steer the development of technologies relevant to your industry. It gives the tech developers the independence that the top players will demand, while giving them a waiting channel to apply their developments to. The video of BMW execs explaining this potential is bland and predictable. Further reason why they need to partner with companies in which they have a vested interest in, but minimal control over.
Yobongo: Building the Next Location-Based Social Network: Tech News and Analysis «
While there have been a flood of location-based apps, none have really captured anything close to the community sense of a social network. And they’ve come from all angles. Geo-tracking like Loopt. Social checkins like Foursquare and Gowalla. Photos like Instagram. This is an attempt to slide the field across a broader scope of interests than venues, location or pics. It seems like the right angle, but I think the challenge will be whether or not the information... Read more

Creativing :: The perfect iPhone game, YouTube and the NFL, and the most viral Facebook campaigns

Posted by Doug Schumacher on February 24th, 2011 at 7:49 pm

The latest in interactive marketing strategies and tactics:
The 5 Most Viral Facebook Campaigns
The difficulty in assessing these campaigns is also what’s unique about most of them. They weren’t launched by any identifiable sources. They’re also remarkably simple, technologically. Mostly just text status updates.
Get Free Chipotle Food for Watching NBC Promo on Facebook
A good illustration of how campaigns are getting more complex. In this case, i think it’s great how Chipotle has positioned themselves in this deal, leveraging their existing customer base to get NBC to give them considerable publicity, from probably subsidizing this promo, to their CEO being featured on the show.
YouTube in Talks to Broadcast NBA Games
I remember when Fox bought the rights to broadcast NFL games, making it the legitimate 4th network. And then ESPN, a cable company, took on Monday Night Football. Imagine if YouTube bought the rights to half the NFL games, and only showed them online? That’s one way to quickly get a lot of people figuring out how to connect their computers to their TVs. And yes, it would be... Read more

Creativing :: Our growing Facebook addiction, last Sunday’s Social Bowl, and the latest Chief Marketing title

Posted by Doug Schumacher on February 10th, 2011 at 7:44 pm

The latest in new media marketing strategies and tactics:
comScore: Facebook Keeps Gobbling People’s Time
Where are people getting the time? From the looks of it, from their MySpace account. YouTube also continues a very strong upward arc (as much as Compete.com data is to be believed).
Social Media: The Final Piece of the Super Bowl Advertising Puzzle
This was way overdue. If you look at the value the Super Bowl brings, it’s mass audience. One of the few times a year when that happens on a national and even international scale. Communities often run into a common problem — they don’t have value until they have people — and the first one in is like the first person to buy a fax machine. Thus an event like the Super Bowl gives brands an opportunity to reach and connect a large group of people at once. Giving fledgling social community efforts the jump start they just might need to get over the hump.
The Future of Mobile Tagging in Marketing, Branding & Communications
If you’re working on a mobile project or looking for interesting mobile ideas, this is an exhaustive list of mobile tactics that have been used. Well worth flipping through.
Got marketing technologists? 1,000-fold growth... Read more