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Network Optimization Tips for Publishers

Posted by Rohan Lotlikar on June 22nd, 2010 at 12:43 pm

If you are a publisher with valuable inventory, there are plenty of ad networks out there that will compete for it. If you deal with multiple ad networks, you can use a network optimization system to easily manage all of your networks.  Network Optimization technology is built by advertising technology providers, and can be managed by them or you once set up is completed (depending on your interest and support capabilities of your technology provider).  Implementing network optimization into your ad operations allows you, the publisher, to monetize domestic and international inventory, get the most out of each network for each ad size , easily compare the true eCPM of each ad network, re-order ad network impressions to put the highest paying impressions first, and see all your data without logging into each ad network's system.  If you are thinking about implementing network optimization into your ad operations, or even if you already have, keep in mind these following 10 steps:
1. Setup a Daisy Chain
A good network optimization tool will allow you decide the order in which ad networks are served on your site. This is often called a daisy chain. If one ad network is paying you a better... Read more

4 Ways to Engage Millennials

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on May 14th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Every younger generation knows better. Every younger generation wants to un-do, reject, fix or repair the mistakes made by their elders. Every younger generation brings its own POV to the party. 

Mr.Youth and Intrepid Consulting have put a bunch of US and UK millennials under the microscope by engaging them in projection exercises, surveying them and analyzing their digital ethnography to produce some insights into what they want, how they think and how to engage, manage or sell them. Titled Millennial Inc. – What Your Company Will Look Like When Millennials Call the Shots," it gets you thinking about the younger people you work with and the target audiences you seek to influence and persuade. 

Consider four of the provocative notions discovered: 

Collaboration, shared responsibility and consensus rule. Millenials want to be taken seriously and have both a voice and vote. They expect to weigh-in on the key issues regardless of rank, tenure, status or skill set. They don't want to be bossed around and expect to be included in every relevant decision. They reject hierarchy. "Seniority and tenure are dirty words." They don't want to be bored or have to work their way up along a well-trodden path. 

Maybe this is a presumption... Read more