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NSA vs. IAB – Where To Look for Privacy Threats

Posted by Bill Guild on March 26th, 2014 at 1:37 pm

Recently there have been stories in the national news about digital privacy violations: messages being intercepted by social media platforms, phone data being collected by the government, and internet users having their online behaviors tracked without consent. Due to breaches in internet privacy, U.S. legislators are calling for restrictions on data use by advertisers. It seems that the issue of privacy is not about to blow over anytime soon. As such, it may be useful to examine how we think about privacy – not what our individual positions are on privacy, but rather the process of evaluating the uses and users that cause us to define our individual positions.
When evaluating privacy, there are two questions to consider:

Is the information that another party can request or acquire about me potentially harmful, if used in an unacceptable manner?
Can the party that requests the information use it in an unacceptable manner or transfer it to another party that might use it in an unacceptable manner?

For example: does the National Security Agency (NSA) have or collect any information that could be used to harm someone? The answer is: they have names, addresses, and current GPS coordinates. If they wanted, they have the capability to... Read more

2013 The Year of Digital Brand Advertising

Posted by Roy de Souza on February 26th, 2013 at 9:55 am

According to IAB, performance-based advertising has reached the point of diminishing returns for all its players; it has created a highly efficient market in which there is almost no margin left for either publishers or agencies. So this is the year digital brand advertising can and must be born, or the digital advertising industry can’t survive.
We are part of the IAB because we feel we are aligned with its goals. We don’t just join every organization. IAB shares our beliefs that if agencies are freed to produce magical creative, technology will help them build brands across platforms and geographies. And all this can be measured with metrics that are useful to marketers.
Here is a summary of the IAB Digital Brand Building initiatives for this year.
1. Rising Stars rewards the creative that interacts with consumers right on the page and allows them to engage the way they used to engsge in person. We have to allow agencies to produce better creative — the kind with which people really want to engage.
2. 3MS(Making Measurement Make Sense) is the initiative that began last year to change how we measure ads. Last year, the emphasis was on viewable impressions. Going forward measurements will... Read more

The 'Hidden' Marketing Channel: Performance Marketing

Posted by Keith Trivitt on January 22nd, 2013 at 7:35 am

The release today of a major report on the growth of the online performance marketing (OPM) industry in the United Kingdom represents a seminal moment for this young industry. The facts and figures it provides are evidence enough that performance marketing is here to stay; that it is a mature, growing online marketing channel that provides significant value to advertisers and publishers.
As Chris Johnson of A4U details in an excellent analysis of the IAB / PwC OPM study, the affiliate marketing industry in the U.K. has been valued (alongside lead generation) as a £9 billion ($1.43 billion) revenue generating industry.
Key Highlights (courtesy of A4U)

There are c. 3,000-4,000 advertisers and c. 10,000 publishers actively engaged in Online Performance Marketing in the U.K. (in this instance — Affiliate & Lead Generation).
Advertisers expected to spend (through commissions, management fees, bonuses and other marketing spend) £814 million on Online Performance Marketing in 2012, generating c. £9 billion of sales for advertisers.
This spend was achieved through at least c.100 million transactions and an additional c. 70 million leads generated.
This is equivalent for c. 7-9% of U.K. digital marketing spend, and drives c. 5-6% of retail e-commerce in the U.K.
The largest end-sectors include Finance, Retail, Telecoms & Media, Travel... Read more

Edging Out the Competition in Search Marketing

Posted by Heather DelCarpini on October 3rd, 2011 at 6:22 am

The latest Interactive Advertising Bureau report shows that companies continue to increase their investments in search advertising, with spending up 27% in the first half of 2011. Here's how the right domain—or portfolio of domains—can help spur your company’s rise to the top without the perpetual cost of search.

Privacy Education

Posted by Jeff Hirsch on November 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

As the FTC and IAB iterate over consumer privacy legislation, and the industry concern continues to swell, we are recognizing that the basis of the issue lies in general misperceptions and lack of consumer education around targeted advertising. As an industry we have acknowledged this fact, yet educating consumers and industry outsiders remains a challenge. AudienceScience, along with many other companies, are collaborating with the NAI on consumer outreach. It's no small task and it's easy to understand why many companies just don't know where to start, how best to communicate the message, or how to distribute the message to the consumers we aim to protect. 
It is a critical time in our industry and responsible companies must take action.  First and foremost, companies must examine the resources they have available to communicate and educate. If you have research at your disposal, use it in your message. If you have graphics and creative, leverage it to create something both compelling and easy to understand. I'll say it again because it bears repeating. Make it easy to understand. Consider your audience and don't use jargon or reference stats that are not mainstream measurements.  If it looks like Sanskrit and needs translation, your... Read more