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Drive Your Social Selling Via 140 Character Social Listening

Posted by Tara Meehan on August 27th, 2014 at 9:43 pm

Some of the best tweets are the ones you don’t send. Think about it. Think about how you currently use Twitter. To this day, I mainly use the Blue Birdie to listen to reactions to trends happening in entertainment. For instance, Twitter shines like no other social network during an awards show. As soon as Nicki Minaj had her dress malfunction at the VMAs, I was checking out the hashtags. For Twitter haters, this has been a consistent reason to attack it; to point out bad spelling or trivial idiocy and those criticisms certainly have their place. But when used properly, especially in this grand age of social selling, Twitter can rock your listening strategy and help you identify intelligent (yes intelligent on Twitter) leads.
Back in the blogging day, I wrote about needing to think before you tweeted. That’s truer now than ever before. Social media is saturated with information. People are constantly trying to position themselves as subject matter authorities. It’s crowded out there so knowing what you’re talking about is essential. That takes learning. That takes listening.
There are tactical methods to properly listen on Twitter. Still, it’s OK to impart some high level strategy – really. You can... Read more

Hashtags: Look Beyond Social

Posted by Gerhard Jacobs on July 2nd, 2013 at 2:25 am

many flood activity streams with mediocre content and hope for a share

Using Tweets as currency — What value is it to your brand?

Posted by Claire Hutchings on November 14th, 2012 at 3:53 am

In my last post on the iMedia Connection blog I spoke about how social media was an inevitable addition to experiential marketing campaigns. I mentioned iD Experiential’s recent campaign for ASUS to promote their award winning Zen Book where consumers could tweet or check-in at the stand to receive a free herbal tea. It seems though that the idea of using social media interactions as a currency has been taken to another level by some companies.
Both Kellogg's and TopShop – huge high street names – have recently launched experiential campaigns whereby consumers can tweet to purchase their products.
Kellogg's fans could purchase the new Special K Cracker Crisps not with money but a simple hash tag #TweetShop. While over the Halloween period TopShop’ers tweeted #TrickorTweet with their fashion tips – those deemed the best were rewarded with £100 to spend in store.
You can find out more about these campaigns here
The ability to convert tweets into currency is not merely beneficial to those receiving the “free” product, like a traditional competition or coupon giveaway would be – it’s much bigger than that! By turning tweets into wonga brands launch themselves back in to the social networking sphere allowing their followers to become advocates... Read more