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Adobe, HTML5 And Readying Yourself For Mobile

Posted by Anthony Long on November 28th, 2011 at 6:30 am

Focusing on delivering better results in a mobile environment rewards marketers willing to undertake a wholesale re-evaluation of what matters most in their brand communications. Marketers should accept the challenge to think more strategically about that last 12 inches - the distance between a smartphone screen and the user's face, which includes the user's environment - than they have had to before.

How the Apple War put Adobe in the dumpster

Posted by Greg Bardsley on April 13th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Adobe announced a new version of its Creative Suite yesterday. The software couples an updated version of Photoshop with new elements of Flash. While the new version of Photoshop updates some key features, the package's real appeal comes in the form of Flash's powerful new web tools that can be used to create dynamic mobile content. These capabilities may never be fully realized, however, due to a promise that Adobe broke years ago.
Where the blame lies in the Apple/Adobe war is far from conclusive. Apple blames Adobe for suggesting Flash would be ready for the iPhone and then never making it happen. Adobe, much more quietly, blames Apple for not fully appreciating the task at hand. Obviously there is more to it than just that, but the truth is hard to decipher through whispers and muddled rumors.
Now, on the day of its newest software announcement, Adobe must fight to stay relevant. Yes, these soon-to-be-released Creative Suite features will work on more than just the iPhone, but even Apple's competitors look to the device as the king of the mobile space, the basis of all comparison.
Apple's latest announcement of the iAd seals Adobe's fate. With Apple now spearheading... Read more

Advertising and the iPad: Are you ready?

Posted by Krishna Subramanian on February 6th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Mobile content consumption is changing. Mobile no longer means your cell phone… it now includes anytime you're on the go: Kindles, iPads, MP3 players, PSPs, GPS devices, etc. As exponential growth continues in mobile internet, expect the mobile app market to follow suit.
The iPhone changed the game for mobile advertising but the iPad will change the game for online ad networks.  Although mobile players are touting support for the iPad, online ad networks have the means to directly compete for this new screen's real estate.
The iPad is a big iPod touch. Period. The iPad essentially doubles the screen size for mobile apps to 640x960 pixels - the full screen size of the iPad is 1024x768. The predominant ad unit size on mobile smart phones today is 300x50 (MMA standard X-Large Ad Unit) along with a sliver of 300x250 (IAB standard box unit). The large real estate on iPad-specific apps now enables more IAB ad units to live on the screen: 468x60, 120x600 and 728x90. Get excited online ad networks – you already have this inventory!
However, you should expect engagement rates to drop. Ever wonder why CTR's are so much higher on mobile apps than they are on the web?... Read more

Unilever debuts iPhone Flash breakthrough

Posted by Mario Sgambelluri on February 6th, 2009 at 12:00 am

If you have an iPhone or have tried to come up with ads, apps, or anything else to deliver messaging via Apple's handset, you've no doubt experienced the frustration of a Flash-less world. But Unilever's Axe brand is putting technology by mobile in-game ad net Greystripe to work, which delevers a non-Flash Flash experience (Ad Age). It's to the iPhones what non-dairy creamer is to the hot beverage world.
If this technology is easy to work with, this could open some pretty big doors for marketers trying to reach the elite, but narrow, iPhone audience. In fact, if able to "convert" Flash to an iPhone-friendly format, this could amplify the already impressive growth of the iPhone app library. 
Oh, you want results from the Axe iPhone app? After playint with the app, intent to purchase went up 15 percent among 4,000 people surveyed.  And 64 percent "felt more positive about the brand."
Why isn't the iPhone Flash-compatible? It's too slow says Apple.

The Desktop Is Dead, Long Live the Desktop!

Posted by Noah Gedrich on November 25th, 2008 at 12:00 am

A growing question by brand owners to interactive marketing agencies lately, is "How do I keep my brand intact and survive through today's influx of new media?" For most, the answer is to extend the brand footprint beyond Web sites, by building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that live on a PCs and personal devices. The ability to move a brand from the Web to the desk top has become a near instantaneous process. As the line between the Web and the desktop grow close to each other, it’s up to the agency to reinvent itself to offer a brand the most interesting situation every time.
But in doing so, we’ve seen a significant blurring of the lines between what a desktop application is and what a Web application is. It’s hard enough for some developers to distinguish a difference anymore. But for brand owners who look to extend interactivity to the desktop and beyond, the confusion could be crippling. While the idea of a RIA has been around for quite some time, the way users think about them is clearly beginning to change.
With the help of some big players in the technology world, namely Google, Microsoft and Adobe, those distinctions... Read more