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Facebook Photo Contests: A Business Case Study of Promotion Effectiveness

Posted by Mike Gingerich on January 28th, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Social Media Contests as a Business Marketing Tool
Photographer Grows Facebook Page Fan Base by 46 Percent Using Contest App
One of the questions that businesses have asked repeatedly over the past few years is whether there can be a return on marketing investment in social media.  Basically, can it really amount to business (meaning sales) or is it simply a fun time pit?
Here's one  case study example of a small business that ran a photo voting contest on their Facebook Page and the results that they achieved.
Facebook Photo Contest
Stephanie DeBolt is a local photographer, an entrepreneur who is also her only employee. She photographs weddings, engagement shoots, high school senior portraits and family portraits. She has a limited marketing budget, and she can devote limited time to marketing. In those ways, she’s a common small business owner.
Using her Facebook page as a social marketing tool, she wanted to grow her business and decided on a Facebook photo contest.  Her goals were straightforward, and similar to those of a lot of small business owners:
1. Earn new “Likes,” to increase her potential audience.
2. Boost engagement on her page, to increase her reach to friends of fans.
3. To ultimately see her talents gain... Read more