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Maximizing Facebook News Feed Posts for Promotion Engagement

Posted by Mike Gingerich on February 22nd, 2013 at 3:19 pm

Maximizing the engagement on Facebook News Feed posts is critical to Facebook Marketing.
Building engagement is a process, not a once and done function, and there are multiple keys to the process including:

Interesting Content
Publishing at key times for the audience
Inviting comments, questions, and shares
Offering promotions.  Contests, deals, and offers can help

If you offer a contest, deal, or promotions to assist in pulling fans and a larger community to your Page, a key is posting that promotion correctly to maximize it's visibility in the News Feed and to best prompt viewer actions.
Too many businesses are failing to get the word out effectively in the News Feed and then wondering why the engagement is lower than expected.
Getting the attention of and making it easy for all fans (desktop and mobile) to access the promotion can totally make or break your promotion getting traction!  It can mean the difference between 5 entries and 500 entries; between 5 Likes and Shares and 5000 Likes and Shares!
So how do you best get the word out on Facebook?
The Answer:
Post a photo or video to your News Feed with a call to action and a Smart URL in the description field.

Why a photo or video?
Facebook, in its own... Read more

Facebook Contests and Promotion Types INFOGRAPHIC

Posted by Mike Gingerich on January 23rd, 2013 at 4:11 am

Facebook Engagement -- the "Holy Grail" for companies on Facebook.
Companies that achieve engagement have pages with an active, positive, and involved community.  This type of social community responds to Facebook posts, is committed to the brand, and helps to further extend the reach of the Page through their sharing and comments.  When broken down into tangible factors, increased engagement can bring about positive returns in a number of areas for marketers including:

Increased Likes
More brand awareness
Greater customer loyalty
Increased e-mail list opt-ins and subscribers
And more actions taken on ordering products and services

With recent research data by Vocus noting that 79% of Facebook fans are more likely to purchase from a brand they have liked, pursuing more fans and deeper engagement with existing fans is a huge priority!
The million dollar question, though, remains, "how can a company boost engagement for their Facebook Page?"  While there are a number of core methods for increasing engagement such as creating highly shareable content, posting images and videos, and posting succinctly at key times, another powerful method is to run promotions.
Promotions have the ability to draw visitors to a Facebook page and when used correctly, can be a very valuable tool to accomplish engagement objectives.
Here's a FACEBOOK PROMOTIONS INFOGRAPHIC with key... Read more

Instagram and Facebook – How to Boost Engagement on Both Social Networks with a Cross-Social Platform Promotion

Posted by Mike Gingerich on December 19th, 2012 at 10:57 am

The photo sharing service Instagram has become  wildly popular.  While they had a misstep with their change in terms recently, they appear to be correcting quickly and will continue to grow rapidly.
Instagram is popular enough that at this point, it’s a noun, a verb and practically a synonym for social photo sharing. Easily downloadable on any Android or iOS powered device, Instagram allows users to upload images and customize them by applying filters. Instagram users can follow each other’s posts, comment on photos, and share images to Facebook and Tumblr, and by e-mail.  Since Facebook acquired Instagram in April of 2012, the social photo app has seen outstanding growth, and it rocketed from 860,000 daily active users to over 11 million (businessinsider.com) in just over six months. That's a whopping 1,179% increase!
Instagram’s convenient and user-friendly mobile capabilities are of a huge value to Facebook, which now boasts more than 500 million monthly active mobile users, and Instagram will only continue to grow.  Additionally, with all of those active and engaged users, it wouldn’t be surprising if Facebook decided to introduce a mobile advertising plan to Instagram — Instagram is a valuable place for brands to be represented in order to... Read more

Keys to a Successful Facebook Page Promotion

Posted by Mike Gingerich on December 14th, 2012 at 6:45 am

6 Steps to Growing your Facebook Page Reach and Community via Promotions
Since the launch of Timeline by Facebook in March, the key to Facebook success is getting fans to engage with your company Facebook Page.  As fans engage, it  helps to ensure they have a greater chance of seeing your posts in their News Feed. Contests and promotions on Facebook offer a valuable resource to boost Facebook Page engagement with fans.
Why run a contest or promotion on your Facebook Page?

Promotions draw traffic  to your Facebook Page
Contests, can draw entrants and those entrants then share with Facebook friends to invite friend votes, thereby drawing even more visitors to your Page
Any Facebook  "Like", Comment, or Share of a entry boosts the visitor connection to your Facebook Page, increasing the likelihood of them seeing your future posts in their News Feed.
People love deals and deals can be a means to new business and repeat business!
A promotion or contest run on Facebook can boost product and brand recognition

From Photo Entry Contests to Group Deals and Sweepstakes, there are multiple types of easy-to-build promotion apps enabling companies to run a promotion on Facebook.  Beyond the setup of the app on your Facebook Page, however, there are critical elements that... Read more