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Facebook vs. LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

Posted by James Trumbly on February 27th, 2013 at 8:00 am

LinkedIn is the go-to website for most B2B marketers when it comes to networking and expanding their client base. But is it really the best place to get the job done? According to some studies, Facebook offers just as much if not more opportunity to reach your professional audience. Let’s take a look at how the two sites stack up side by side.
Facebook Pros and Cons
The social media giant clearly leads the field in terms of B2C marketing. But how about that professional audience you’re trying to reach?

Pro: Facebook’s huge user base means that more professionals are on Facebook than on LinkedIn in terms of total numbers. Those professionals don’t turn off their business acumen when they’re on Facebook, so you can still market effectively through the broader platform.
Pro: Facebook allows direct marketing through Facebook ads, meaning you’re no longer dependent on buyer engagement in order to reach potential customers.
Con: Facebook posts may or may not appear on your fans’ walls, depending on their level of engagement with your brand.
Con: Marketing efforts must compete with non-professional posts. Music videos, cute puppies, and pithy quotes are all clamoring for the attention of your potential buyers. Your posts have to be good enough... Read more

Facebook Isn't Real…Why This Matters to Marketers

Posted by Betsy Smith on February 26th, 2013 at 1:18 pm

There are more than a billion Facebook Yous roaming around Earth right now and all of us “yous” have a lot in common. We try not to share content that is mundane or even worse, a downer. “On Facebook” is the new “in public” so we all mind our language, and post the best moments of our lives as though we live in some sort of never-ending Christmas card.

Maximizing Facebook News Feed Posts for Promotion Engagement

Posted by Mike Gingerich on February 22nd, 2013 at 3:19 pm

Maximizing the engagement on Facebook News Feed posts is critical to Facebook Marketing.
Building engagement is a process, not a once and done function, and there are multiple keys to the process including:

Interesting Content
Publishing at key times for the audience
Inviting comments, questions, and shares
Offering promotions.  Contests, deals, and offers can help

If you offer a contest, deal, or promotions to assist in pulling fans and a larger community to your Page, a key is posting that promotion correctly to maximize it's visibility in the News Feed and to best prompt viewer actions.
Too many businesses are failing to get the word out effectively in the News Feed and then wondering why the engagement is lower than expected.
Getting the attention of and making it easy for all fans (desktop and mobile) to access the promotion can totally make or break your promotion getting traction!  It can mean the difference between 5 entries and 500 entries; between 5 Likes and Shares and 5000 Likes and Shares!
So how do you best get the word out on Facebook?
The Answer:
Post a photo or video to your News Feed with a call to action and a Smart URL in the description field.

Why a photo or video?
Facebook, in its own... Read more

Report: Social Media Content Performance :: The Luxury Fashion Industry

Posted by Doug Schumacher on February 20th, 2013 at 11:46 am

Another in our series of in-depth analysis of what's working in a given industry. This week, it's the luxury fashion industry.
Some interesting observations for this industry:

While Facebook communities far outsize Twitter, Twitter community growth outpaces Facebook.
Moderate posting volume: 70% of brands posted within a 22-28 post per month window.
Content dominated by visuals: 96% of all posts are photos or videos.
Brands approach Facebook as a destination: Links off to websites treated secondarily.

Valentine's Day Facebook Marketing for Retail

Posted by Mike Gingerich on February 5th, 2013 at 4:10 pm

Love is the air!  Is your brand capitalizing on holiday marketing?
Facebook promotions run by brand pages are seeing quality returns on investment.  With research data by Vocus noting that 79% of Facebook fans are more likely to purchase from a brand they have liked, pursuing fans and deeper engagement with their fan community is a huge priority.
Valentines Day and other holidays give brands, particularly B2C and retailers, opportunities to reach out to fans.  Utilizing seasonal holiday trends for marketing can increase the bottom line.  On Facebook, in particular, promotions around holidays can result in:

Increased Likes
More brand awareness
Greater customer loyalty
Increased e-mail list opt-ins and subscribers
And more sales

Launch a Valentine's Day promotion on Facebook!
It's that month, the month where Valentines Day promotions take center stage as businesses seek to offer consumers products, services, and ideas for purchase in anticipation of the February 14 day of romance. There's still time to showcase your products and services, tying it to Valentines Day and flowing with the season holiday. Season holidays provide extra opportunities to offer promotions that can increase visibility, strengthen brand awareness, and drive sales.

How Can Your Business Quickly Roll Out a Valentines Deal on Facebook?
Need something quick and easy for your Facebook Page?  Consider... Read more