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Facebook Page Summer Marketing Ideas for Local Retailers

Posted by Mike Gingerich on June 10th, 2013 at 5:33 am

Summertime! The summer season is nearly upon us here in the U.S.
For many retailers, this is PRIME TIME and the months of June, July, and August can generate 50-70%  or more of the total yearly sales for their business.  People are out and about, traveling, stopping in, and they’re ready to shop!
Now is the time to plan ways you can use Facebook as a valuable asset in boosting sales.
3 ways local shops and retailers can use Facebook this summer to increase Traffic and Sales:
1. Encourage Check-ins
Facebook offers the “Check In” tool within the iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as on the Facebook mobile site.  At the most basic level, local shops and retailers can post a sign near the entrance to the shop encouraging fans to Check In on Facebook.  The value of a Check In is that the user can add images and tag friends in the Check In.  All of this helps the Check In exposure go farther on Facebook to friends of the person checking in.
As well Check Ins, based on privacy settings, are included in Graph Search indexing so if a friend of a person that checked in is searching for a local shop and your... Read more

Facebook tools for Boosting Edgerank with Fan Engagement

Posted by Mike Gingerich on May 27th, 2013 at 5:03 am

Engagement: In Social Media terms, this is the ability to get your audience to interact with your brand.
Specifically with a Facebook Page this would mean to interact with the visitor in such a way that they Like, Comment, orShare something related to your Facebook Page.
Statistics show that the majority of a Facebook’s users interactions with a brand is going to be via their News Feed.  So getting the visitor to “Like” your Page is of critical importance because that enables you to have a shot at being in their News Feed.
Facebook uses a algorithm they developed called the EdgeRank Algorithm which basically tries to determine what News Feed content is of most value to each Facebook user.  A number of criteria go into EdgeRank’s formula (learn more about EdgeRank) to determine what a Facebook user sees most frequently in their News Feed.  This means that not all fans see very post your Page makes!  In fact, posts are seen typically by about 11-18% of your fan base each time you post on average.
The bottom line:  The more users interact with your Facebook page, the greater the affinity score, and the more likely they are to see your Page posts in the future!
Here’s a good, quick... Read more

Facebook Quietly Rolls Out New Facebook Timeline

Posted by Mike Gingerich on March 14th, 2013 at 9:50 am

Facebook Quietly Announces MAJOR
Facebook Timeline Changes for Profiles
On March 13, 2013, Facebook quietly announced a BIG update:
Full news release accessible here and the Developer specific news on Facebook Developer Blog.
This is the “home page” of any Facebook user (not Pages).  This is where a person updates their Cover image, has links to their About information, Photos, and Friends, and most importantly where it lists their most recent Facebook status updates and activity.
Hard to say.  Last week Facebook held a press event to announce a revamp of the  News Feed and yet this roll-out hasn’t really been arrived for the majority of users.  However, the Timeline update was announced one day ago as “We are beginning to gradually roll out these new features to users and developers today.”  (emphasis added).
Current Timeline View:

Coming New Timeline View:
Key Differences:

About section in left now displaying
two column equal width changed to 2 column with right width being much more substantial.  A 2/3 and 1/3 style.
Plus the image thumbnails below the cover image are gone
text tabs are now below the Timeline and include: Timeline, About, Friends, Photos, and a More drop down.
Biggest Change: Set Apps to display and keep... Read more

Valentine's Day Facebook Marketing for Retail

Posted by Mike Gingerich on February 5th, 2013 at 4:10 pm

Love is the air!  Is your brand capitalizing on holiday marketing?
Facebook promotions run by brand pages are seeing quality returns on investment.  With research data by Vocus noting that 79% of Facebook fans are more likely to purchase from a brand they have liked, pursuing fans and deeper engagement with their fan community is a huge priority.
Valentines Day and other holidays give brands, particularly B2C and retailers, opportunities to reach out to fans.  Utilizing seasonal holiday trends for marketing can increase the bottom line.  On Facebook, in particular, promotions around holidays can result in:

Increased Likes
More brand awareness
Greater customer loyalty
Increased e-mail list opt-ins and subscribers
And more sales

Launch a Valentine's Day promotion on Facebook!
It's that month, the month where Valentines Day promotions take center stage as businesses seek to offer consumers products, services, and ideas for purchase in anticipation of the February 14 day of romance. There's still time to showcase your products and services, tying it to Valentines Day and flowing with the season holiday. Season holidays provide extra opportunities to offer promotions that can increase visibility, strengthen brand awareness, and drive sales.

How Can Your Business Quickly Roll Out a Valentines Deal on Facebook?
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Facebook Photo Contests: A Business Case Study of Promotion Effectiveness

Posted by Mike Gingerich on January 28th, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Social Media Contests as a Business Marketing Tool
Photographer Grows Facebook Page Fan Base by 46 Percent Using Contest App
One of the questions that businesses have asked repeatedly over the past few years is whether there can be a return on marketing investment in social media.  Basically, can it really amount to business (meaning sales) or is it simply a fun time pit?
Here's one  case study example of a small business that ran a photo voting contest on their Facebook Page and the results that they achieved.
Facebook Photo Contest
Stephanie DeBolt is a local photographer, an entrepreneur who is also her only employee. She photographs weddings, engagement shoots, high school senior portraits and family portraits. She has a limited marketing budget, and she can devote limited time to marketing. In those ways, she’s a common small business owner.
Using her Facebook page as a social marketing tool, she wanted to grow her business and decided on a Facebook photo contest.  Her goals were straightforward, and similar to those of a lot of small business owners:
1. Earn new “Likes,” to increase her potential audience.
2. Boost engagement on her page, to increase her reach to friends of fans.
3. To ultimately see her talents gain... Read more