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Move Over, Mustafa: There's A New 'Old Spice' Guy In Town (Video)

Posted by Rick Mathieson on July 20th, 2011 at 6:05 pm

Isaiah Mustafa can move on over. Old Spice has a new (albeit old) guy now.
And he's got an all-too-familiar golden mane.
That's right, 80's icon Fabio - he of the Harlequin novels of yore - is the new star of new TV and print advertising, as well as a new OldSpiceGuyFabio YouTube Channel.
Look for much new social media fun from Weiden+Kennedy Portland to follow. Already, press kits are coming with faux personalized videos dedicated to recipients (here's one a reporter at Creativity received).
Still, Mustafa was an unknown actor Old Spice made into a star (and, it can be argued, vice versa). Can a well-known, B-list celebrity bring an aura of hipness to the brand along the same equation?
Nothing against Fabio - he just scored big time. But Mustafa really did bring something for which men can aspire and women admire.
In W+K's able hands, I think this will probably be something different, and just as awesome, in its own way, as the original.
But what's your take? Does this new effort have a fresh, cool fragrance?
Or is it really putting the "old" back in the brand name?
Read all about it, here.