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Improving Your Email Conversion Rates

Posted by Willie Pena on December 2nd, 2013 at 9:47 am

For any company to stay above the rest, documenting metrics is crucial. Conversion rates are a proven method of keeping track of potential sales versus lost sales. During any email blitz, gauge how many recipients you begin with versus how many eventually click through to your website, and then how many of those continue on to make a purchase. This should give you an idea of what you're doing wrong.
Each consecutive action leads to the next, and so you need to start from the beginning. Design your email to increase click through rates, and conversion will follow. If you have any doubts that you could improve those conversion rates, then take a look at this checklist.
Building a Foundation

Before trying anything new, it's important to test what you already have. First, check your sender score. This score will give you a basic idea of your reputation in the eyes of email providers. When creating your email campaign, make it your goal to increase this score and avoid landing in the spam folder.
Next, send yourself email in multiple browsers. Compatibility matters. Then move on to email providers. How will your emails be viewed in gmail versus yahoo upon reception? Make sure... Read more

Email Marketing 101: How to Get Customers to Open Emails and Act on Them

Posted by Bri Bauer on February 8th, 2013 at 2:45 pm

As email marketers, it's gratifying to see our sign-up lists growing. Whether we're trying to grab a new client, customer, donor or reader, it feels pretty good to know our efforts are working. “They” signed up to hear from you (or rather, your brand); they want to be kept informed. Now it's your job to provide them with communication that gets opened and drives them to take action.
By the Numbers, Email is King
When it comes to digital marketing, email communication is as classic as it gets. When done effectively, email marketing can drive a significant amount of traffic to your business; consider these numbers, courtesy of the 2012 Channel Preference Survey, conducted by the digital marketing group ExactTarget:

96 percent of online consumers use email at least weekly
66 percent have made a purchase after receiving an email marketing message
76 percent prefer email over all other channels for customer service messages
66 percent of teens (ages 15-17) prefer email over all other channels for permission-based marketing
Email marketing drives more consumers to make a purchase than Facebook and text messaging combined

To put the popularity of email into context, this helpful graph from GovDelivery shows the breadth of users across... Read more

End of Year Analysis

Posted by Ross Kramer on December 5th, 2012 at 10:10 am

We’re in the midst of what could and should be the biggest online shopping season ever.  For the first time Black Friday brought in over $1 billion in online sales.  Cyber Monday nearly hit $2 billion; and customers aren’t showing signs of slowing down!
No doubt, eCommerce and online marketing managers will end the year on a high note.  But how were the other three quarters?  When you look back at 2012 as a whole, did you meet all of your marketing and revenue goals throughout the year?   Did you set the correct goals for 2013?
Big data provides a detailed look into your customer base so you can take a more granular approach to growing your online business next year, focusing on improving repeat visits, decreasing bounce rates, increasing natural search traffic, and prolonging customer lifecycles to improve lifetime value.
You already know how to attract new customers to capture the first sale.  To truly impact your business next year you have focus on capturing the second – then third – sale.
To do that you have to understand how to engage customers post-purchase and how to re-engage them as time goes by.  The longer customers go without buying from you, the less... Read more

Throw and Hope it Sticks? 3 Steps to Email Testing Nirvana

Posted by Satnam Singh on September 10th, 2009 at 12:00 am

I recently read Jeff Mills' iMedia Connections blog, Best Practices for Email Campaign Testing, and saw that more than one-third of email marketers are not testing their campaigns. I guess I can never stop being amazed.
The breakdown of email content testing based on the eROI survey is valuable information. Through my marketing analytics lens (without knowing how the survey data was analyzed), one thing jumps out at me. Email marketers seem to be taking a short-term, quick-fix approach as opposed to a long-term desire to build customer intelligence leading to targeted emails.
What tells me this? The survey results in the blog show a much higher percentage of marketers testing quick-fix items such as subject lines (make the funnel larger at the beginning, they must be thinking, to make more come out at the end) than calls toaction and offers. In fact, marketers are testing subject lines nearly as much as they're testing calls to action and offer combined.
So this is clearly a prime time to discuss the methodology for setting up a testing strategy. (Note that I'm not going to talk about the different types of tests, such as A/B or multivariate versus univariate, since the tools... Read more