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What a Difference a Day (Fine, Two) Makes

Posted by Karen Ram on February 1st, 2013 at 10:47 am

As someone that has worked as a social marketer since the dawn of (social media) time, I’m always plugged in. I’m checking Facebook, I’m on Twitter, I’m checking in on Foursquare while Instagramming my life away. News comes at me constantly and quickly and, rarely do I pause and think (or usually in my case, utter out loud) that a news day (or two days) is especially noteworthy or busy. The last two days have been an exception to that rule. So in no particular order, here’s why:
Ed Koch: This is a huge loss for New York and for the world of politics. Ed Koch had more chutzpa and character than most (especially most politicians). Never afraid to speak his mind, Koch stood when most would sit. He was iconic to New York and I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t recall his face and name.
Almost too ironically, a documentary about the late Mayor, Koch, is coming out shortly and I can’t wait to see it to learn more about, and, pay tribute to New York’s most famous Mayor.
Ron Jeremy: Gross. Sad. Grosser! Sadder! Oy. I sat next to Ron Jeremy on a flight back... Read more