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How Dynamic Are Those Ads?

Posted by Leslie Van Zee on November 14th, 2012 at 9:23 am

Making online ads dynamic increases reader engagement and boost conversion rates, but you must be careful how you implement them. Overuse of dynamic elements in your ads can be counterproductive as poor design can backfire, so proceed with caution when designing your ads.
What Makes an Ad Dynamic
Something that is dynamic is characterized by constant change. To say we live in a dynamic world would be an understatement, as the rate of change in almost everything seems to be increasing all the time. When it comes to online advertising, serving up ads that meet the expectations of people who are surrounded by constant change should meet them where they are, meaning your ads should be dynamic to make your audience want to embrace them.
Using animations, audio and video are just a few ways to make ads dynamic. Another way to make your ads more dynamic is by buying ads using real-time buying (RTB). In other words, publishers offer up a specific ad space for sale at the very moment a visitor to their site is pulling up their web page.
The Growth of Real-time Buying
A recent survey conducted by Digiday and Google's Doubleclick indicates there is a growing trend towards an increased... Read more