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FTW (Future of The Web) 2009: Digital TV

Posted by Michael Leis on December 29th, 2008 at 12:00 am

February's TV conversion from standard NTSC to Digital TV has dragged on for nine years like a star player who's been sitting on the bench. Much of the talk has been around the conversion itself. But what about the content?
From what DTV I've been able to see, it's not looking good. Lots of recycled content, weather, information loops. Where's the advertiser value?
This is where Interactive marketing has a huge opportunity. The CPM of these channels locally and nationally will never be lower, and network flexibility will never be higher. And thanks to the digital conversion, the technical barriers to entry are also low.
What this means for brand marketers is the chance to return to the sponsorship model. But this time, instead of just sponsoring a show, brands can enhance the broadcast itself with content driven from the Web. For brands well poised with Web video content this is the opportunity to begin broadcasting that video against a wider audience, testing effectiveness.
For example, InTheMotherHood will be making the transition from the Web to TV this spring on ABC. And it's a harbinger of revisiting the onld sponsorship model. A no brainer : the content is already created in digital video by Suave (Unilever)... Read more