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Which Cocktail Represents YOUR Company?

Posted by Meghan Bender on December 31st, 2012 at 1:22 pm

As you're partaking in some holiday cocktails this evening, you may find your self thinking, "What should I have to drink?" Music lovers and fans of Drinkify.org may go to their site, input the music they are listening to, and get a suggestion. Well, say you live in Silicon Valley, or anywhere else that you can live and breathe technology. Have you ever thought, "I wonder what drink would be most representative of my favorite website?" In honor of the holiday weekend and ringing in he new year in style, we decided to explore what drinks represent different tech companies. It’s a fun game, and naturally it’s a bit snarky, so no need to take it personally if you work at say, Zynga...

Let us know what you think about the below and please add your own ideas in the comments section. Have a better drink suggestion for a company we already named? Let us know! You can play this game with anything, not just tech companies; but sports teams, people, etc.
Without further adieu...
1. Google : Jello Shots
Big with the college crowd, you’re not likely to see your grandma throwing ‘em back. While the core idea is simple, all of a sudden... Read more