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Infographic: The Next Generation of Consumer Engagement: Search, Social Discovery, Mobile, Aggregration?

Posted by Courtney Wiley on July 7th, 2014 at 5:07 pm

The numbers are staggering: By 2017, the global social network audience will total 2.55 billion.  And of the 42 percent of users that have multiple social accounts today, nearly three in five (58 percent) wish there was a solution to help them better use and monitor all of their social networking profiles at once.
So how do firms stay ahead of social marketing and optimize their present-day strategies? The above chart outlines where the majority of marketers are today and where intelligent customer engagement is going. Consider it a sneak peek into a digital marketing crystal ball . . .
Disclaimer: I currently serve as Advisor to Sparksfly Technologies, Inc., and assisted the team with the aforementioned research.

Social-Local Optimization: A Strategic Imperative in 2013

Posted by Rob Reed on December 27th, 2012 at 8:33 am

In 2012 we have seen several brands starting to take local optimization of their social channels seriously. Why? Because brands are realizing they need to set up their locations for maximum search, engagement, and discovery. It must be done for Facebook and Foursquare, which also optimizes a number of third-party apps powered by their venue data, such as Instagram, Path, Uber, Viddy, and hundreds more.

A brand’s local Facebook pages and Foursquare venues are brand assets that ought to be managed accordingly. Locations need to be properly claimed and optimized with consistent branding and accurate metadata (specifically their lat/longs) to maximize the value of these assets.
Two recent developments will significantly increase this value:
First, Facebook just announced a major update to its mobile apps that puts local “search, engagement, and discovery” at the center of the mobile experience – at the center of the most popular mobile app on the planet.
According to Facebook, its updated Nearby tab "helps people discover places near them based on their friends’ recommendations. People can explore by category (ex: restaurants or hotels); connect to businesses directly from their phone (by liking, checking in, calling, or getting directions); rate the places they visit via a five-star system; and share their recommendations... Read more

The Love-Hate Relationship Between Search and Discovery

Posted by Brian Cavoli on September 7th, 2011 at 4:32 am

It seems like these two can never get along. It’s funny because they actually have a lot in common. Semil Shah stirred things up between them in his Techcrunch post recently. He said that despite all the talk about there being a big shift from search to discovery, he’s not buying it. People will always need to search and discovery can impact it by changing how we search.
People want to see search and discovery compete with each other, but they really are a lot alike. This is important because understanding how your customers learn about your product is fundamental to a successful marketing plan. Here’s what I’m talking about:
When someone has a need, they need information quick. They are certainly likely to reach out to their social networks for a recommendation, but while they are waiting for responses, Google’s there with a doodle and a million links. That behavior’s not changing. In fact, ComScore qSearch finds that in the age of social, people are searching more. The total volume of search queries is up 9% from the same time last year.
Before you... Read more

Interview: Campfire CD Steve Coulson On Discovery's New Social Media Experiment 'Join The Colony'

Posted by Rick Mathieson on August 26th, 2010 at 2:00 am

"The Colony" can now include your friends - and they probably won't like it one bit.
That's because Discovery Channel is promoting its new survivalist reality show, "The Colony," with a  social experiment that simulates how your social circle might react on Facebook as a devastating pandemic unfolds.
The initiative, created by Campfire, includes fake footage and fictional updates from your real friends, family and colleagues as they seem to post about the effects of the outbreak on the cities where they live.
When I first saw the initiative, it reminded me of a digital era update to "Special Bulletin," a 1983 TV movie about a nuclear incident in Chesapeake Bay that alarmed many viewers because it appeared to be actual news footage, instead of just a movie. I figured I must be the only person alive who remembers that TV show.
I figured wrong. In a new audio interview, Campfire creative director Steve Coulson tells me "Special Bulletin" was indeed a major inspiration for the effort. He also shares his insights on bringing such initiatives to life through social media, and why Discovery in particular has been so successful at it.
Telling Stories: Campfire's Steve Coulson on the "Join The Colony" Social Media Experiment
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Everything I Know About Portable Computing I Learned From Green Eggs and Ham

Posted by Michael Leis on February 16th, 2009 at 12:00 am

From now on, every time you consider the potential for an interactive initiative, you must ask what your audience will be asking:
What can I do with it?
Think back to the story of Green Eggs and Ham. You’re asking someone no try a new idea, and then use that information in a variety of online and offline settings that make the most sense to them.
Merely presenting information is no longer enough. Your audience needs a clear, convenient way to do something with it. Can they use it on a plane? On a train? In a house? With a mouse?
This isn’t over-simplifying: it’s clarity. Your content is best used someplace else. Rhyming makes it more fun. Where is your content best suited? What kinds of content are most used in that place? This will take some investigation, trial and error. The best part about this investigation process is the incredibly valuable surprises you learn along the way. Making your content clean and passable will create its own sidewalks to audiences you never knew existed.
The relationship between Sam and his nay-saying nemesis became stronger once they shared the meal. Green Eggs and Ham is the tie that binds them. There’s no difference between... Read more