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Your Top Priority Is Growing The SMB Revenue Base – Now What?

Posted by Tony Zambito on April 16th, 2012 at 8:35 am

This is part 1 of a series on the challenge of targeting SMB markets and how the use of target buyer modeling and buyer-based marketing help organizations to grow their SMB customer base.
As we continue to come out of the deep freeze over the last few years, we are beginning to see encouraging signs of an economic recovery. However, the purse strings are still drawn tight and new patterns of buying has created an atmosphere of even more exacting pricing pressures from enterprise-wide level buyers and accounts. This means less room for revenue growth to come directly from the fabled 20-30 percent of large customers who typically have made up 70-80 percent of total revenues. This is how a VP of Sales in the software industry put it to me recently in my research:
“Here is what it looks like…we are actually selling more of our product into our larger accounts than ever before….but…over the last three years we've faced stiffer competition that has driven our pricing down. So the net-net has been that we are just holding on as best we can to these larger accounts. Another words, we are not getting significant real... Read more

4 Ways the Power of Buyer Choice Will Transform Business Marketing

Posted by Tony Zambito on April 5th, 2012 at 3:25 pm

This is part 5 and final article of a limited series on why buyer choice modeling is the new view B2B Business must adopt to improve revenue performance and develop long lasting relationships with buyers.
How buyers make choices today, in large part driven by empowering new technologies, will transform how B2B businesses will view buyers as well as redefine what is meant by business marketing. The rigid funnel will no longer serve as a workable means of communicating unique views of buyers and their buying behaviors. This not to say that buyer processes, stages, and steps are no longer relevant but to highlight that buyers today no longer make choices neatly in the paradigm of the funnel. A rigid funnel view, whether it is drawn up horizontal or vertical, cannot provide the orbital view of choices being made continuously.
There are four ways that new buyer choice dynamics will transform the practice of business marketing and alter the view of what practices are relevant:
Predictive Buyer Modeling And Intelligence
As we covered, many B2B businesses are wrestling with the unknown and the invisible. B2B buyers are remaining invisible in their behaviors associated with exploring as well as establishing... Read more

Slow Death of the Funnel: Why Buyer Choice Matters to Revenue

Posted by Tony Zambito on March 19th, 2012 at 6:49 am

This is part 1 of a limited series on why buyer choice modeling is the new view B2B Business must adopt to improve revenue performance and develop long lasting relationships with buyers.
Finding the keys that unlock improving revenue performance and achieving growth is becoming harder and harder as we go from a single buyer model to that of more interdependency among ecosystems and networks by B2B buyers. B2B marketing and sales is still predominantly tethered to traditional ideas, approaches, and systems that are being dragged into the modern era. While we have seen modifications, the idea of the traditional funnel is still at the core of many B2B organizations today. It matters little whether you keep it vertical or flip it sideways and make it horizontal – it is still suggesting a funnel that winnows down opportunities down to a “buy” decision.
As the modern era rages on with increasing speed where the Internet and Social Technologies are converging into new forms, the oversimplification of the funnel becomes more and more apparent. Simply put, buyers just don’t act or behave in that way anymore. Evidence suggesting that buyers are behaving well out of the norm... Read more

Buyerology Trend: Think Demand Fulfillment vs. Demand Generation

Posted by Tony Zambito on December 22nd, 2011 at 10:53 am

This is the third article looking at buyer trends that will influence marketing and sales in the near and foreseeable future.  The two previous articles looked at the future of experience creation and the rise of BIG insight.  This article looks at how buyers are seeking fulfillment in their efforts to achieve goals and what this means to the future of demand generation.  (Image by Kenny Madden © All rights reserved)
Buyer Trend: On A Quest to Be Demand Fulfilled
The conventional as well as social buyers of today can be said to be on a quest to have their demands fulfilled.  Demand being, for the purpose of this article, the catchall phrase to represent a buyer’s desire to have their goals realized, challenges met, problems solved, and concerns alleviated.  What the convergence of the Internet and the Social Age has proffered is the ability for buyers to chart the quest for meeting their demands with much more control, participation, and engagement than in any time in history.
The significant buyer trend of the past decade has become the blinding obvious – we know that buyers are self-directing 70% to 80% of their own buying process.  This trend is profoundly changing the landscape... Read more

Buyerology Trend: Think BIG Insights vs. BIG Data

Posted by Tony Zambito on December 20th, 2011 at 2:26 pm

This is the second in a series of articles planned on looking at buyer trends that will influence marketing and sales in the near and foreseeable future.  This article looks at how understanding today’s conventional and social buyers takes BIG Insights versus BIG Data
Buyer Trend: Buyer Behavior Changing Rapidly and Buyers Are Saying – Get Me Please!
Evident over the past two years are monumental shifts that are occurring in buyer behavior.  We’ve seen buyers entering the buying stages in unpredictable ways and deferring direct interactions further down the buying process.  There have been generational differences noted between the rise of the younger social buyer as well as hybrid behaviors of traditional buyers.  Buyers at first seemingly consuming information at a rabid thirst pace while other buyer groups demonstrating content fatigue and rejecting content outright.
Rather than rehash the mountain of information that can be found about what buyers are exhibiting, suffice to say that buyers are adapting, changing, evolving, and developing new processes along the way.  We know, to a degree, what buyers are doing.  And data-driven marketing and BIG data has become BIG business to tell us what buyers are doing.
In the past two plus years, we are seeing a... Read more