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Protecting Data & Important Documents for Home & Business

Posted by Alana Bender on November 26th, 2012 at 4:21 pm

If essential paperwork is cluttered throughout your home, and important documents are insecure on your computer's hard drive, you're potentially setting yourself up for a major calamity. Perhaps your home is protected by Lifeshield Home Security to ensure your valuables; however, as a home or business owner, you have to cover all your bases to fully mitigate loss prevention. For any home or organization, a natural disaster or digital crisis could quickly wipe out your most important documents and data — leaving you grief-stricken from the major loss. Prevent this type of devastation by following the data protection tips below:
Home Data Protection | Cloud Storage for Personal Data
Protect important personal and digital assets on an offsite public cloud such as Amazon Web Services and Google. Using various types of cloud storage platforms also keeps your information organized and easily accessible. Digital and technology blog Lifehacker.com recommends multiple free storage accounts for syncing files, storing music and backing up information.
For optimal online storage and security, Lifehacker suggests exploring the following cloud options:

SugarSync: Utilize extensive features and 5GB of free storage for syncing media and hard drive files. SugarSync is also a robust digital location for photo storage as well as... Read more