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The Rise and Ruckus of Branded Journalism

Posted by Tony Quin on April 3rd, 2013 at 8:03 am

For brands, the need for journalistic content stems from growing branded communities in social spaces. As brands and consumers engage in more personal conversations via social, consumers simply demand more from them.

TopTen: Want an engaging Facebook post? Just turn 92.

Posted by Doug Schumacher on March 20th, 2013 at 1:35 pm

Anything over 90 years old is something of a landmark. Just ask Chick-fil-A fans. Something else interesting to note is how many of these top ten posts reference Instagram.

TopTen is the ten most engaging posts last week from the largest 100 consumer brand pages on Facebook.
All data is gathered with social media content strategy tool Zuum.

#1 Chick-fil-A - photo2013-03-14 19:01
Happy 92nd birthday to Chick-fil-A Founder, Truett Cathy! Click "Like" to share your birthday wishes.

4.09% enagement rate 257,119 likes 8,582 comments 6,684 shares 2% shares

#2 BMW - photo2013-03-14 18:01

BMW Instagram
Thank you all for liking, sharing and commenting on the photos we post here on Facebook. If you want to see more of them, follow @BMW on Instagram: http://instagram.com/bmw

3.136% enagement rate 345,230 likes 5,258 comments 54,857 shares 14% shares

#3 CHANEL - video2013-03-13 17:10
The fashion essential that never goes out of style… a new film revealing the story behind the iconic CHANEL jacket. http://inside-chanel.com

The jacket - Inside CHANEL

3.027% enagement rate 248,268 likes 3,603 comments 12,628 shares 5% shares

#4 Macy's - photo2013-03-14 21:03
What’s topping VIP shopping lists everywhere? Designer shoes in every heel, size & color! http://bit.ly/WaVUFu

1.178% enagement rate 119,894 likes 1,529 comments 4,940 shares 4% shares

#5 Nokia - photo2013-03-11 17:10
Want Instagram for Nokia... Read more

Less Thinking, More Doing.

Posted by Shawn Fenton on March 13th, 2013 at 11:24 am

A couple of years ago, Tom Wujec gave a TED talk about “The Marshmallow Challenge”. Teams are given 20 minutes to build the tallest structure possible that can support a marshmallow using only uncooked spaghetti, tape and string. Surprisingly, kindergartners consistently outperform MBA graduates in this challenge.
The kindergartners began building immediately. They adjusted what failed and capitalized on what worked. Working iteratively, their innovative results were a success because they spent less time thinking and more time doing. The MBA grads spent too much time planning. By the time they began construction they had no practical experience and their structures suffered.
Similarly, when tasking agencies to develop concepts, the client’s approach is to identify the single best solution before pulling the trigger on a given project. And in this business, it is only natural for clients to want more ideas, faster and for less money. More often, the turnaround for concepts is now days, not weeks. This leaves agencies little time to think. There is no time for strategy development, thorough research or well-planned mock-ups. This, coupled with the client’s urgency to get to the big idea, generates conflict.
How can we present the very best concept to our clients without time... Read more

Tight Deadlines = Better Work

Posted by Scott Yanzy on January 23rd, 2013 at 3:00 pm

The struggle between deadlines and creative started the day marketing and advertising was conceived. Unfortunately one side seems to always win. So it's how we handle these unavoidable pressures that differentiates the great from the weak. The truly great creatives have figured out a way to turn that tight deadline into a positive situation--they revel in it.
How? First let's talk about those dreamy, mythical deadlines that are weeks or even months away. Besides the natural tendency to procrastinate, the tendency to over analyze becomes the greater issue. The more time you have, the more you second guess what you're doing or the less willing you are to commit to a direction until you feel it is the ultimate solution. Or something could be great at first, but because you have all the time in the world you don't know when to say when. You keep building up and tearing down until you're left with something average or safe, not realizing that brilliance was staring you in the face days ago.
When you have a tight deadline, you're forced to immediately focus on the ask and quickly come up with an efficient game plan. Once the essence of the brief is understood,... Read more

Revenue Growth by Choice and The Buyer Orbit

Posted by Tony Zambito on March 21st, 2012 at 12:56 pm

This is part 2 of a limited series on why buyer choice modeling is the new view B2B Business must adopt to improve revenue performance and develop long lasting relationships with buyers.
Growth is getting harder and harder to come by. With this comes the realization that some of the embedded thinking about how to reach and market to buyers are not working well. In part 1 of this series we looked at how the funnel is facing a slow death and the limitations of so called funnel thinking. We are entering a new era of the buyer. Buyer behaviors are shifting yet we know only a fraction about this shift. One emerging insight is that of buyer choice. Simply stated, buyers are making multiple choices prior to as well as well after buying decisions.
Buyers Have Many Options. The floodgates have opened on channels, social media, old media, the Internet, and countless other ways to interact, explore, retrieve, and digest information in this new era of the buyer. With countless options available, buyers are making choices on where to start their exploring.
The Buyer At The Center Of Strategy, Marketing, And Sales. ... Read more