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A Pringles banner ad you can't help but click

Posted by Nanette Marcus on June 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

How often do you come across a banner ad worth talking about? And worth giggling over? And worth clicking and clicking and clicking? Not often enough, my industry friends, not often enough. An innovative banner ad from Pringles, which recently won a gold Cyber Lion at Cannes last week, keeps one's attention by telling a tiny story within its ad. Well, perhaps it's best described as less of a conventional story and more like a one-sided conversation from which you can't turn away. I clicked to the very end -- I couldn't help it.   Check it out for yourselves, and tell me if I'm wrong.      

Wii dusts off the gloves for viral video

Posted by Nanette Marcus on May 18th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Nintendo has launched a fun campaign for its new version of Punch-Out!!, revamped for the Wii. The boxing classic has undergone a makeover, complete with even more beefy characters.
The Punch-Out!! Comeback campaign starts with two videos on a branded YouTube page. The first features Little Mac, the character players embodied in the original Punch-Out!! when battling other boxers. In the live-action video, Little Mac talks about his comeback, 15 years after being defeated by other gloved greats in the original game. We also meet quirky Doc Louis, Little Mac's trainer. He's featured in another video, demonstrating punches with Wii controls.
The campaign's life-action campaign adds an interesting touch to the game's revamp. Also note that the URL -- punchoutcomeback.com -- leads directly to the branded YouTube channel.

Old Navy site offers hidden treasures

Posted by Nanette Marcus on May 11th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Want a surefire way to get visitors to stick around your site and click, click, click? Offer them deep discounts to your products via hidden coupons, like the new OldNavyWeekly.com page. Customers have an opportunity to score coupons by clicking various spots around the one-page site.
When the site launched earlier this year, the retailer simply asked users to click around the ad to unveil coupons -- for small and large discounts. As the weekly coupons have increased in popularity, so have the requirements to get the bigger discounts. To get one of the limited number of coupons for $75 a $100 purchase, visitors recently had to correctly answer a brief quiz about the soap opera drama featured in the retailer's new mannequin ad campaign.
Not only does this campaign increase the level of engagment and excitement of its customers, but it also drives in-store traffic -- just as a good integrated campaign should.
While this particular strategy is finding success in this ecommerce environment, I'm sure the premise can be applied to other online marketing campaigns.

Get "Obsessed" with new viral feature

Posted by Nanette Marcus on May 4th, 2009 at 12:00 am

The highly-interactive and customizable viral feature has come a long way since the jilted and awkward name pronunciations from the web's first incarnations. The new one for the recent film, "Obsessed," shows marketers just how it's done.
The movie stars Heroes' Ali Larter as a woman obsessed with her new boss. She spirals out of control, making life for her boss and his wife miserable during her quest to make him hers. Jetset Studios created http://www.getobsessedwithali.com/ to enable users to play a viral trick on their friends. Upload a picture of your friend, their first name, favorite band, zodiac sign, favorite food and favorite activity. Hit "go" and instantly watch a video of Larter incorporating the info into a video to make your friend squirm in their seat as she goes on and on about how much she's obsessed with them.
From there you can copy and paste a link of the custom video to send to your victim, I mean, friend, as well as upload it on Facebook. You can also send the audio as a call to their mobile phone.
I'm continually impressed with the technological improvements in viral campaigns like this. The simplicity and seamlessness make this... Read more

X-Men Origins site: Captivating but chaotic

Posted by Nanette Marcus on April 13th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Like any blockbuster film, the studios behind X-Men Origins, the prequel to the X-Men film trilogy set to release May 1, have created a comprehensive online experience for moviegoers and fans of the comic book series via its X-Men Origins site.
A visit to the site begins with the movie trailer. Beyond the trailer, users are presented with a slick and metallic feel, much like Wolverine's blades.
The site cycles through the cast of characters, including audio clips from each of them. It also features clips from the movie for those who want to absorb all they can about the plot before the film's release.
You'll also find common movie site offerings -- synopsis, gallery, mobile, downloads (wallpaper, widget, IM icons, screensaver), etc. There's a "Time Warrior" game, and visitors can register to receive updates about the movie
One of the more interesting experiences you can have on the site is the ability to choose a character, activate their "power" and let your mouse become your weapon as you explore the rest of the site. I found that fun... at first. Then I was quickly reaching for the "deactive power" button. Too much, too much!
I also appreciated the list of the film's brand... Read more