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Creativing :: Facebook’s 4.74 Degrees of Separation, Steve Jobs was right about Google, and how people view your Facebook profile

Posted by Doug Schumacher on December 1st, 2011 at 11:34 am

10 links that point to the future of digital marketing:
Separating You and Me? 4.74 Degrees – NYTimes.com
This really demonstrates how quickly any brand-related message could peel through the Internet, eventually hitting a large percent of the FB user group, while also likely generating multiple impressions for many people.
How to Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Wall Art
This is a nice partnership deal between the fast-growing Instagram and a photo printing service. Both should benefit from this ‘clicks-and-mortar’ combo. Companies without a natural online-offline relationship should consider such partnerships to expand their touchpoints.
Facebook Tests More Variations On Sponsored Stories
If there’s one ad format I’m most curious about, it’s sponsored stories. This is the leading edge of content marketing, and while the creatives are less than dynamic, they’re bringing together interesting elements: The story, the people related to it, and even what they’re saying about it.
Steve Jobs Was Right: Google IS Turning Into Microsoft
If you follow the tech battle among the 800 lb gorillas, this is a good read.
Here’s How People Look at Your Facebook Profile — Literally
This really replicates much of what’s been known about website page viewing (e.g., content at the top gets viewed the most), but it’s a quick read... Read more

Creativing :: The power of Facebook’s Sponsored Stories, pick your Chinese product name carefully, and great batch of social media stats

Posted by Doug Schumacher on November 17th, 2011 at 11:43 am

10 links that point to the future of marketing, from Creativing.com:
Facebook Sponsored Stories Triples App Installs: Study
Given that so many CMOs have interest in content marketing, it only makes sense that there’s going to be a lot of interest around the merger of content and paid media. One way is to drive your paid media to content. More interesting is dynamically placing your content into paid media. This also provides an opportunity for online advertising to greatly differentiate itself from offline media.
Picking Brand Names in China Is a Business Itself – NYTimes.com
The Latin American launch of the Nova car is legendary, and we’re seeing a similar issue taking place in China. Some amusing examples.
Whisperings of the Future Surround Us | John Battelle’s Search Blog
There’s certainly no shortage of data these days. But most of it looks at what’s happened, and stops there. This tool is an attempt to project those trend lines into the future. Something a lot of trendcasters could find useful.
Facebook Is Taking Business From LinkedIn: Jobvite
Facebook is again showing it’s 800lb gorilla nature, as it shows progress in areas seemingly owned by other social networks. As books like ‘Outliers’ have pointed out, though, the network with the... Read more

Creativing :: Why some brands will survive, Siri’s big threat to Google, and couchsurfing.org

Posted by Doug Schumacher on November 10th, 2011 at 5:45 pm

10 posts that point to the future of marketing:
The Brands That Survive Will Be The Brands That Make Life Better | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation
I think this POV, but I do think there’s a big difference between making a difference in the world, and making a difference in consumer’s lives. While both are obviously great, at the end of the day, I think most people are shopping for the latter.
Reserve items, check yourself out with the Apple Store 2.0 app
A great blend of traditional and e commerce, from Apple. Another use of technology that both enhances the consumer experience and saves the brand money.
CouchSurfing – Participate in Creating a Better World, One Couch At A Time
Another idea out to change the world. This one’s arriving via the jetstream of AirB2B.
Why My Kids Love Ed Sheeran – Forbes
Social media is a channel, not a strategy. That can’t be emphasized enough, and it’s examples like this that companies need to follow. It’s not about just showing up on social media, it’s about showing up in a way that resonates.
80% of Smartphone Users Multitask While Watching TV
I like how an equal percent of multi-taskers find it productive as find it distracting.... Read more

Creativing :: Your brain on Facebook (it’s good news), Starbucks doing government’s work, and Amazon keeps shaking up publishing

Posted by Doug Schumacher on October 20th, 2011 at 10:28 am

Ten links that point to the future of marketing:
Facebook Friends Don’t Let Friends Forget Them | Fast Company
With the explosion of social media and brain research, some very interesting findings are coming out. As the article notes, data on our social network size has never been more easily available than with Facebook. Interesting times ahead, for sure.
Egypt’s Top ‘Facebook Revolutionary’ Now Advising Occupy Wall Street | Danger Room | Wired.com
World revolutionaries uniting and working together. You couldn’t ask for a better example of how social networking technologies are increasing the rate of change in the world by connecting people who previously would have had a much more difficult time meeting and exchanging ideas.
NYT: We Can All Become Job Creators
Starbucks is launching a program to support local entrepreneurs: In this initiative, they’re basically taking on government’s responsibility while launching a powerful brand campaign. There’s a lot to like about this, not the least of which is simply taking initiative.
Amazon Rewrites the Rules of Book Publishing – NYTimes.com
I’d think this sets up a very interesting premise for brands to support writers that are covering an area of interest. Sure, there will be conflicts, but really, any more than what we already have... Read more

Creativing :: 15 songs from Apple advertising, Why smart brands embrance content, and Ebay plugs into Facebook

Posted by Doug Schumacher on October 13th, 2011 at 11:45 am

Ten links that point to the future of marketing, from Creativing.com:
15 Songs That Defined the Sound of Apple Marketing
Apple’s advertising over the past ten years pretty much defines what great brand messaging is about. This is a fun recap of songs that are still stuck in my head.
Why smart brands embrace digital content marketing – iMediaConnection.com
There’s a reason that in a recent Roper survey 9 our of 10 CMOs felt that content marketing is the future of advertising.
Wal-Mart to localize offers for Facebook fans – NorthJersey.com
More ways that Facebook is setting itself up nicely for ecommerce. This local angle should be particularly lucrative, as much of the data Facebook has on people is about local preferences and activities.
How Facebook’s Page Insights Got Cooler: Infographic
What’s readily apparent is that Facebook is expanding the idea of what engagement means. This should lead to a clearer idea as to why people are interacting with a brand’s content.
HSN Partners with Paramount to Sell ‘Footloose’ Fashions  – Advertising Age
Companies are needing to look everywhere for revenue opportunities. This one makes pretty much sense except I’m not sure how much the “Footloose” target audience spends on HSN. Maybe... Read more