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Are you on a first-name basis with your consumer research data?

Posted by David Mazva on November 12th, 2012 at 4:03 pm

I remember coming across a concept in an article I read back when I was 16 - and it has stayed with me. At the time, I just thought it was a cool ‘nugget of information’. Little did I know it would later apply to my life by relating to my chosen career in working with consumer research data.
The concept?
‘Information is knowing who Cindy Crawford is, but knowledge is knowing Cindy Crawford’s phone number.’
Of course my take on this as a pimpled teen has evolved, and now serves as a pause for reflection as I think about data and the market research industry.

Has the difference between information and knowledge changed?
As times have changed and with progress speeding along our technological highways, the question still remains, albeit in a different form. In our quest to turn information into knowledge, search engines often seem to know what information we’re looking for before we’re even sure of that fact ourselves.
And the landscape becomes even more interesting when social media platforms like Facebook indirectly become a competitor to search engine giants, as some folks take back the reigns when it comes to finding information and gaining insight.

What is information?
Simply stated in terms... Read more

Does Product Placement Blur Consumer Perception?

Posted by Justin Windheim on February 24th, 2012 at 10:02 am

As the line between product placements, reviews and write-ups gets thinner, it's important for brands to understand the context of their content as well as their audience's purchasing decision matrix. Setting up a placement or advertorial can be one piece of the puzzle, but it can’t be the only.
Paid advertisements and purchased editorial content have existed for decades, but more than ever, that line has continued to blur. At the same time, consumers have become savvier in recognizing and accepting the distinction in product placements in everything from TV shows to blog reviews. With this recognition, the real question has become “how does an atmosphere of paid placements impact consumers and their perceptions?”
It used to be that product placement in TV shows and movies were almost a subliminal secret, only overtly recognized by marketers and astute observers…but today people have become more distinctly aware of the product positioning. This has created a situation that requires additional thinking on behalf of the brand and their agency as to how a placement may be perceived. Will a product review on a blog be looked at as pandering for a free gift, or does the audience trust the author’s opinion anyway?
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You're Dirty and You Know It

Posted by Tom Gerace on August 19th, 2009 at 12:00 am

One of the great benefits of social marketing is that marketers can solicit and receive faster and deeper consumer insights than ever before.  Sometimes what we learn can be eye opening.
Consider, for example, two surveys run last month on Gather.  Both related to the publishing of explicit photos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, taken through a peephole in her hotel room.  When I saw the survey results separately, both seemed reasonable to me.  If you consider them together, they tell a fascinating story. 
The first poll asked, "Were you offended by the media (and bloggers, including some on Gather) distributing the photographs of Erin Andrews?"  In the first day of responses, 61% of those responding were "offended" or "very offended."  There was a clear belief that it was wrong for media organizations and individuals to be sharing photos that were taken without Ms. Andrews' permission. 
A second, separate poll asked members something more personal. "What about you? Have you ever (or would you ever) look up a celebrity sex tape or nude photo?"  In the first 24 hours, 94% of people responding said they had/would, to 6% that had/would not. 
That people are curious about nude celebrities doesn't surprise... Read more