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Are You Still Selling Like It’s 1999? (Or Have You Adapted To New Buyer Behavior?)

Posted by Tony Zambito on December 5th, 2011 at 6:11 am

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As we’ve entered into a new decade with new web and social technologies continuing to advance at warp speed, new buyer behaviors continue to emerge.  Some new buyer behaviors, such as informational search, are no longer emerging but have crossed over into accepted reality.  With other new buyer behaviors, such as those related to social influence, we are only getting a glimpse of at this moment in time.  The given in the current state of B2B marketing and sales is that buyer behavior and complex buying processes have changed.
One of the toughest challenges in the past few years has been to figure out how to respond to these changes.  One place to start is for executives to ask a bold question: are we still selling like it’s 1999?  An especially valid question for companies that have traditionally been sales driven and the dominance of a sales culture has reigned for several decades.  Companies have changed and responded - but have the changes been more cosmetically enhancing or truly systemic in nature?  I think there is a big difference and let’s look at a few important areas:
Let’s start with the money trail.  Has the proportion of budgets... Read more

Experiential Buying Behavior Takes B2B Center Stage

Posted by Tony Zambito on October 28th, 2011 at 10:09 am

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In my previous article, Enhance the Buyer Experience with Intelligent Engagement, I referenced a trend I called Experiential Buying.  Buyer behaviors in B2B marketplaces are shifting tremendously towards more holistic experiential expectations that defy the conventional straight re-buy, modified re-buy, and new buy behaviors of the past.  Buyer expectations have increased with regards to the experiences they undergo as well as desire.
In simplistic generalities, we can take a view of two experience categories that B2B buyers may seek:
Self-Enabled Buying
In this situation, a buyer may want to experience a re-buy that reaffirms his or her decision to continue a relationship.  Even in modified re-buy situations, the buyer may be looking for an experience where they can perform the modifications themselves.  The difference in the modern social age is that buyer expectations have changed.  If companies have not adapted their businesses to enhanced online and social capabilities, they may very well be placing artificial barriers in front of their buyers who are seeking an entirely different straight re-buy or modified re-buy experience than in the past.  As consumer-like experiences become more desired in business marketplaces, companies will need to rethink many aspects of their sales and service... Read more