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Trends with Traction: Below the Belt is on the Rise

Posted by Adam Kleinberg on February 26th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Gentlemen… do you have dirty balls? I mean you clean them, but do you really clean them enough?
Planting this lingering doubt is more than just a provocative trick I've concocted to get you to read on. It is the marketing strategy that Axe has devised to compel millions of young men across the globe to shell out a few bucks for a new product called the Axe Detailer that helps you… well, clean your balls.
Take a look…

If you're uptight, you may find the video Axe put out to be offensive. If you're not, you'll note that this video is hysterical. If you're nineteen, you might be in your car on the way to Target to pick one up.
Success requires a skillful touch. No, not on your balls. In your creative department.
Axe is not the first brand to push the boundaries of "good taste," speak to a consumer on their own terms, and be shockingly awesome. Advertising has... Read more