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9 Questions for Carol Phillips, President of Brand Amplitude and Notre Dame Marketing Facultymember

Posted by Jim Nichols on October 30th, 2008 at 12:00 am

Carol Phillips, President of Brand Amplitude, is one of the people I most admire in marketing. Her instincts for helping brands better define their audiences and craft powerful brands through insights-based research have helped countless brands win in their respective categories. She sees things in data and consumer feedback that other miss entirely. As we enter an era where marketing dollars may well be less abundant for a while, it's more important than ever that we unearth the facts and perceptions that will help our brands win. With that in mind, I asked Carol to give her thoughts on branding and segmentation in our dynamic digital marketing environment.
I have no business relationship with Brand Amplitude, nor does our company Catalyst:SF. I just love the things she says.
1. Can you tell us a little about your professional history?
Now that I am teaching college marketing, I realize how much of my career happened before time began. I started at Leo Burnett in the late 70's, before Millennials were even born.
So much has changed. What did we DO all day without a computer? (I am really not sure). I am very proud... Read more