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Advertising Week 2011 – Bringing Mobile to the Main Stage

Posted by Marcus Startzel on October 11th, 2011 at 11:23 am

Last Thursday was the final day of Advertising Week 2011, and we did our part to close the show with a bang by bringing a mobile panel to the main stage. I was joined by Paul Gelb, Vice President and Mobile Lead at Razorfish, and Jason Newport, SVP of Mobile Strategy at Carat, and the three of us had a great discussion on how brands are currently succeeding in the space.
A large part of the discussion was focused on different verticals, and how various industries are all finding their own creative ways to leverage the mobile channel. Paul Gelb said that “every vertical has found a way to use mobile,” and he then went on to give a few different examples from clients of his.
Coors beer for example, is a brand that Paul said was ramping up quickly, largely because they have seen that mobile is a great way to reach their core audience. Paul also spoke about some of the work Razorfish has done with Disney, who often turns to mobile to promote new movie releases. Paul mentioned that this past summer, studies have shown... Read more

Sales Funnel Dead at 110

Posted by Daniel Flamberg on September 30th, 2010 at 8:00 pm

The sales funnel, the oldest, most illustrated and beloved marketing paradigm passed away today of old age. Originally, constructed to approximate the rational buying sequence for B2C and B2B customers, the Funnel leaves no immediate heirs.
Shopping was never really linear. Prospects take multi-directional, multi-dimensional and idiosyncratic paths to surface needs, identify buying criteria, list potential solutions and fall in love and purchase. Easy digital access to product information, testimonials, video demonstrations, user-generated or professional reviews, peer opinions and comparative pricing tools creates a more dynamic, unpredictable and emotional landscape than the Funnel ever portrayed.
The implications for marketers and merchants are that marketing strategy, messaging and media must shift. The number of inflection points has multiplied. Rather than aim messages or media units at a particular point in a reasonably predictable cycle, marketers now have to array their brands in ways to cover a much larger, expanding and morphing digital Main Street or mall and interact rather than interrupt.
A shift in consumer behavior to digital channels was documented in a recent study of more than 2000 US shoppers, titled “2010 New Shopper Journeys Survey,” conducted by Carat and Microsoft Advertising
The two big take-aways are
1. Brands have to engage customers across 3... Read more