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Is the Internet Killing Cable TV?

Posted by Bri Bauer on January 14th, 2013 at 12:17 pm

Will 2013 be the year in which streaming digital TV goes mainstream? The numbers are in, and it doesn't look good for traditional cable TV.
A 2012 study by the ISI Group confirmed that American viewers continued to ditch their cable TV subscriptions in favor of accessing high-speed streaming services. Instead of flipping through “whatever's on TV” every night, these cord-cutters are hooking up their smartphones, laptops and tablets to traditional TV screens or gaming devices and accessing their programming via the Internet.
Cutting the Cable Cord
If you peruse cable.TV, you'll see an average cable package that includes 100-plus channels runs about $70-100 a month. Experience shows that most viewers regularly watch only four or five. What streaming digital TV offers is the ability for viewers to watch the content they want, when they want it, using much-cheaper (starting at about $8 a month) services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Apple TV, Roku and Slingbox. This may spell doom for cable operators, who are coming up with their own initiatives to prove their worth to current and potential subscribers.
They'd better hurry up. According to businessinsider.com, three of... Read more

Cable Disputes Forecast a Video Revolution on the Horizon

Posted by Atul Patel on August 15th, 2012 at 12:07 pm

Unless you live under a rock, you were probably well aware of the recent contract disputes that left 20 million “The Daily Show,” “Jersey Shore,” and “SpongeBob SquarePants” fans in the dark for 10 solid days.
The disputes included a fair amount of tug of war between the two parties with DirecTV dropping 17 of Viacom’s popular channels (Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, etc.), Viacom responding by pulling all of their streaming services, and divisive advertisements were blasted from both sides. An agreement was eventually reached and DirecTV brought the shows back on July 20th, but not without causing their fair share of audience frustration. Unfortunately, this won’t be the first or last time contract disputes between content owners and distributors block audiences from the content they want.  From notorious public disagreements like the current AMC and Dish standoff to Fox and Time Warner this type of occurrence will only continue to rise as producers and publishers clash over the value of their content and customers (respectively), and nobody wins in this sort of public fallout.
Audiences are not likely to sit idly paying for a subscription service when they no longer have access to the shows they signed on for. And when... Read more

The War We Started Is Heating Up

Posted by Matt Rosenberg on October 19th, 2010 at 11:22 am

This weekend, Fox stations began to disappear from the NY-based Cablevision system, which provides service to about 3 million homes. The rhetoric is about News Corp’s greed or about Cablevision’s unwillingness to fairly compensate News Corp for the value of their programming. That’s the battle, but not the war.
We are seeing more and more disputes between cable operators and networks over carriage fees. The reason for this is that ad-supported networks are preparing for the day when they can’t support the cost of programming through ad revenue. In fact, they already rely on carriage fees. But as more and more viewers look at cable only as a pipe filled with shows and live viewing dwindles, the audience is skipping the ads. As advertisers realize that so many of the impressions they are buying are being delivered but not seen, the advertising income line on a network’s balance sheet will soften. That loss will need to be made up somewhere else, and the most obvious else is carriage fees.
We have been studying the audience that is removing itself from interruptive advertising’s reach and it is a very large audience. They aren’t... Read more