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Business and IT: A Match Made in Heaven?

Posted by Devanshi Garg on July 22nd, 2013 at 7:08 am

Data science and data driven decision making are becoming increasingly vital to businesses interested in new competitive advantage.  Analytics, business intelligence applications and dashboards are bridging the gap between business user and IT professional.  Creating an environment of collaboration is the goal, but for a while now the divide has kept IT in front a screen and business users in the office.  Realizing the value of congruence between the two parties, Procter and Gamble CEO Bob McDonald refers to the impending ‘cultural revolution’ set to occur within enterprises who embrace analytics and data driven business processes.
Mr. McDonald’s sights are set on digitizing the entirety of the multi-billion dollar corporations business processes.  This move is set to take data driven enterprise analytics to the next level.  Digitizing traditional paper based operations allows for analytics for business processes to be conducted in real-time.  Maintaining data’s importance as a center piece to all business decisions will drive efficiency and insightful perspective.  After embracing analytics and data driven processes, P&G saved close to $250 million by pinpointing excessive inventory that would have otherwise been hidden.
Through my own work in IT consultancy, our team collaborated with the New York Road Runners to digitize their race records as well... Read more

What Do You Keep Open All Day?

Posted by Tom Hespos on September 30th, 2008 at 12:00 am

In the past year, my web habits have changed more than in any year in recent memory.  Whereas just a few years ago my web surfing consisted of visiting certain sites of interest at certain times of the day, I now have several tabs open all day in Firefox in which information is being constantly refreshed (either through the browser refresh button or AJAX).  I think this has a lot to do with the web's move toward the functional utility and away from mere content.
When I look at what's so compelling about these particular sites and applications that makes me want to keep them in front of me all day, I notice they fall pretty neatly into three categories:

Business applications
Niche content

Some of them straddle lines, but mostly they're pretty clear cut.  Let's look at what I keep open in my browser tabs all day:

Wordpress Dashboard at Hespos.com (social) - This is the main command center for my blog at Hespos.com.  If I want to type out a quick missive, or if a comment comes in from a reader, this is where it all happens.
Message Boards (social) - I actually have two tabs open that... Read more